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Why do gnats fly together above the lawn?


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See this link: It is usually called a mating swarm. The males are searching for females to mate with. Many people confuse mosquito swarms with gnat swarms because they look similar at a distance.


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Hi there gnats move by flying as they have wigs.The usually fly in large numbers in the evening.They mainly hover 5-6 ft above the ground.

Gnats do not jump, they fly. However, if you have insects that look like gnats and jump, you may have fleas.

Gnats are gnats and houseflies are houseflies. They're different species.

1 if it's a bee. Fly. Ant. Even a spider! and gnats just get the dead gnats in the shape of a fly and you have yore answer!

" gnats" fly, they are little tiny insects

Gnats do not fly in the eyes on purpose. We humans just walk into their flying space. If you get a gnat in they eye, be sure to wash your eye out with cold water.

Biting midge are animals that are similar to gnats and fleas that fly. Buffalo gnats are also similar to fleas and can fly and bite.

Because they are attracted to the heat from your body.

i don't know. i just know they do it to be annoying.

Gnats are small little bugs that like to fly around your head. I find gnats annoying. Wow, there are so many gnat here. Ew, I think I just ate a gnat!

bugs... such as gnats that fly through the air!

flies, mosquito's and small gnats mainly

Yes, sodium lights repel gnats.Specifically, the term in question designates biting midges, fruit fly-like flies, gnats and midges. All of the above-mentioned insects have shared preferences for bright lights. Not one of them holds the same propensity for the sodium bulb's dimmer, more orange light. If their favorite food source of decaying material or waterlogged mulch is abundantly around, then dimmer lights will have the effect of repelling some -- but not all -- feeding-minded gnats.

They don't always fly above the clouds. They fly below, in or above them. Planes have optimum levels that they fly at. Sometimes that may be above the clouds, but not always.

A gnat is a small biting fly like insect. A fruit fly is a small insect that eats rotting fruit.

Yes, sodium lights can repel gnats. The insects in question may be biting midges, fruit fly-like flies and midges. All prefer brighter lights than the dimmer, more orange light of sodium bulbs even though the latter tends to discourage all but the most feeding-swarmed gnats if near their favorite food sources in decaying material or waterlogged mulch.

Yes. An eagle can fly above the clouds.

Not in the classic sense like fleas do. They fly very quickly from a surface, some people think they are jumping when they do it.

It can fall of your mower if you haven't screwed it on tight enough for it to stay

They eat many types of insects including ants, flies, bees, gnats, etc.

On most lawn mowers the coil and the fly wheel are located under the recoil housing or engine shroud.

They are most likely larvae for a small fly. If you have gnats buzzing around dry it out and they will die off in short order.

no,eagles do not fly above the clouds as there is a risk of being hit by the lightening.

Nothing, unless a bird or a plane happens to fly above it.

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