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Goalies hit the ice with their stick to warn their team when the opposing side's penalty is about to expire. This is to prevent the player coming out of the box from getting a pass and having a breakaway.

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What are goalies in soccer allowed to do?

goalies in soccer have i major objective: stop all balls that come near the goal. the goalies can touch the ball with their hands and feet, but arent allowed to leave their white box painted around the goal.

How are men's and women's lacrosse different?

In womens lacrosse they dont have to where elbow pads or shoulder pads or a helmet but must where protective goggles. There is no difference in what goalies must where. Girls lacrosse sticks arent allowed to have any depth in the pocket and in mens(boys) lacrosse you can.

Are composite hockey sticks scientifically proven to improve your game?

No they arent even some of the pros use wooden sticks still

Does the word junior on a field hockey stick mean it is meant for little kids?

no, it just means its shoter than regular sticks. it is just as good as other sticks that arent junior sticks

What do glow sticks and glow powders have in common?

it depends in one case they are the same and in another they arent

What is the price of hockey?

It depends for the good players it can be up to $3000+ and for the players that arent as good $1500-2500 and that is just for the equipment.

How do you play giant pick- up sticks?

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Does regular DVD's play on HD DVD players?

Yes they do. But what difference does it make. They arent going to be made anymore. BluRay players won the battle.

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in the premiership there arent that many - gilberto silva for arsenal and maybe a few others

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Because sometimes the developers of games decide to keep cheats out of their games to challenge players more.

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no players get drafted from there becuz they r retarded.to apply for Maine college,u just have to open the door,so the players arent skilled.go to usc

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Why are football players fat?

they arent just fat most are even morbidly obese i guess they are fat because in football they sit out most of the game

Why arent football players contracts guaranteed and NBA players are?

The difference is the Union. The NBA have guaranteed salaries in their CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement). The NFL does not have clauses that guarantee the entire salary, but the signing bonuses are the guaranteed portion of their contracts.

Which soccer players wear the number 10?

usually its always been the best, Pele wore it, Maradona wore it, Jorge "Majico" Gonazalez wore it for a while, and other players did too, now its usually you see Messi and Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho, excluding other players that arent so famous

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Why arent plastic degradble

How computers are yeused?

they arent used they arent used

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