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friendship/relationshipGood guy friends usually only like you as a friend or they think that you only like them as friends. So , if you like this good guy friend you need to tell him even if it's going to hurt the friendship.

cause they are there when you need them and when you need them . they right there beside you

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Q: Why do good guy friends ignore their good girl friends and are they trying to make them jealous?
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Your ex boyfriend is now dating a girl who is your enemy is he trying to make you jelous?

if he keeps on looking at you then he is trying to make u jealous

Ok so this one girl is my ex bestie and she is dying her hair my color trying to be friends with my new best friends trying to steal my boyfriend and going tanning I'm natually tan why?

maybe she is jealous

What are someways guys try to make girls jealous when they find out the girl they like has a boyfriendbut they already have a girlfriend?

You can't make a girl jealous only when you know the girl likes the guy. If you know that the girl likes the guy but already has a girlfriend, then spend more time with the girlfriend that the guy already has and then laugh alot areound her and if the girl you're trying to get jealous treat her like a friend but ignore her, but not too harsh!

How do you know your ex boyfriend is trying to make you jealous with your friends?

That's easy. If he is constantly walking past you with his new girl and making eye contact with you and not his girl, then he's trying to make you jealous. If the new couple starts sitting by you and acting all cutesy, then yep hes making you jealous. And if out of the blue hes not spending as much time with his new girl as he is you then he probubly is more intersested in you. But usually he still wants to be friends if he sits next to you, unless his girl isn't with him most of the time when hes sitting next to you. That's different! Otherwise sorry he's not trying to make you jealous. If you have a question on something I forgot and yu wanna know if hes makin you jealous or not just send me a messege. ~*PeAcE*~

What should I do if my friends call me gay for not liking a girl?

Ignore them. These 'friends' are immature.

What should you say to a girl that is talking about me and trying to start drama?

Say Nothing. If she is trying to stir up drama, talking to her about it is unlikely to change her mind. Ignore her and ask your friends to do the same.

How do you know if a girl is trying to avoid a guy?

When they ignore your calls

How can you tell the difference when a girl is just trying to make you jealous or dislikes you?

A girl who is trying to make you jealous will only flirt with another guy in front of you. Anything more than just flirting means she's not doing it just to make you jealous.

Why does your guy friend keep teasing you by flirting with your girl friends?

It seems he may be trying to make you jealous as he may really be interested in you more than a friend.

How to make a girl jealous?

FIRST OFF, If the girl ever found out you were trying to make her jealous she would hate you forever. Ok trying to mess with another girl once you start dating the one you tried making jealous the other girl is going to get her heart ripped out and what if one day the girl you made jealous doesnt like you anymore and you try to go back to the other girl but she says no. The best thing to do is MOVE ON!

What do I do when a girl is trying to get back at me by being with my friend?

Ignore them. You may want to warn your friend about her, but stay cool and ignore her.

This girl and I are friends and she told me she liked me and I said I liked her to so we hung out more and we were flirting and hugging and then she gets a bf is she trying to make me jealous.?

it either- she DOES want to make you jealous or you havn't asked her out so she thinks your not interestedd and has moved on......

Why do guys date a girl and like another?

They're obviously trying to make the other girl jealous.

How to get a guy you like off a girl who is TRYING to make me jealous?

try to woo her

Does your guy friend like you if he kisses another girl and then asks you did you have a problem with it?

He either is trying to make you jealous or he doesn't want you to be jealous

Is it okay to feel a little jealous towards one of your boyfriends girl friends?

sure'' as long as it dosent grow to big jealous

Ok I have a little situation My Ex is going out with another girl I have caught him starring at me and flirting and teasing me does he still like me or is he just doin that?

I think he is just doing that. He is either trying to make you jealous or trying to see whether he could have you too. Ignore him. He is having fun having you and this other girl. You will be the one to get hurt though.

What to do when an unknown girl is stalking hacking and harassing a girl as a punishment for ignoring him?

Ignore his friends who do help him to harras you.

How do you find out if a girl is trying to make you jealous or if she likes the guy she is always talking to?

If she keeps on look at u and than turning she trying to make u jealous and she talks to that boy when ure around.

Why would the confident guy you like act jealous whenever you talk to any of your guy friends but he doesn't act jealous around his girl friends?

Well the number 1 thing is he might have a crush on you and you just don't realize it. and if your crush has a crush on you heck yeah he will get jealous. and there his friends hes ether telling them about you or he trust them maybe you should make friends with his friends and find out why his is so jealous.

How make a girl happy?

To make a girl happy, the most important things are to be kind and caring, RESPECTFUL, make sure you don't ignore her when you are with your friends and just be yourself. If she isn't happy with the true you, there's is no point trying.

Why does a guy want to make a girl jealous?

If a guy is trying to make a girl jealous it is probably just to get their attention because of a crush that they're not willing to just tell the girl about. Or they might feel neglected or lonely or are just trying to hurt someone emotionally in the one way they know how.

Is it OK to ask out a girl even though you like another girl better but are not trying to make her jealous?

i wouldn't that's offencive to the girl you are dating

Why does this girl ignore you and not like you?

Why care about her? Ignore her, period. She isn't the last/only girl on the planet last time I looked. Don't waste your time trying to figure out other people's motives.

If a guy at work seems to be trying to make you jealous does it mean he could possibly like you and how can you really be sure?

There is no way of really knowing. You may be seeing something that isn't there and he may or may not be trying to make you jealous. The best thing to do is ignore him. It's really quite immature of him to try and make you jealous. You now have no option but to just wait it out and see where he goes from there. Mmmmm, I wonder whatever happened to walking up to a girl and just asking her out? Good luck Marcy