Why do gothics wear black?

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They're called "goths" not "gothics." The Goth subculture has all but died out now due to emo kids aka posers stealing their style.

ANSWERI have to disagree with the person over me, since he's confusing emo with gothics.

I am gothic so I know what it is.

First: We don't always wear black. I actually wear yellow, red, blue at time.

Second: "color of sadness"(black) has nothing to do with that. It's just that we tend to explore darker subjects than most people. For exemple, I read things on death and vampirism.

Third: We don't want attention, people give us attention.We get attention because we're different and unusual. That's all. ^.^

Fourth: Most of us are more intelligent, mature and open-minded than most people. I did a IQ test and I got 130, which is over the normal for a 13 years old girl like me. Also, I never get into fights because I don't care about what other people say about me. And even though I'm goth, I listen to Paramore, Taylor Swift, Kiss, Twisted Sister, etc...It doesn't mean I'm goth I ONLY listen to goth. I do listen to goth metal though, like Lacuna Coil, Darkwell, Lunatica, Nightwish, Evanescence, Within Temptation, etc...

I hope I helped you ^.^



PS: I do drink blood, I'm still not a bad person ^.^ Not other people's blood though, only mine, when I get hurt or something, I drink the blood and love it. :) ',...,' lol

they wear black because then you cant tell how they feel.


The answer above is very correct. I'm a goth too. One of the reasons why we wear black is began we like to asscociate the color wheel with our emotions. Being Goth doesn't just mean the music. It is also to do with our characteristics. We enjoy the darker side of life more than others. I myself am a mixture of punk (a little) and Emo and goth. I am VERY emotionally unstable. I like to wear the color of my emotion which can usually be black but it changes alot too.

hope I helped a little more


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Q: Why do gothics wear black?
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