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Some guys just want to get down to raw sex and nothing else. If they were to tell you that you'd probably tell them to take a hike so, they play it cool and even (sometimes) kid themselves into thinking they love you just so they can have a sexual relationship with you. Don't be too hard on yourself or feel foolish because one can't tell sometimes who are the bad guys or the good guys. Rule of thumb ... if a guy comes onto you hot and heavy after a date or two tell them you don't like it and want to work on the relationship first. If they don't bother to ask you out on a date again then you know they were only after sex and you've just saved yourself a lot of pain.

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Why are'nt some boys interested in dating girls?

some guys arent ready yet.

Why cant white people be bloods?

Because ya Aint Ready . & You Guys Arent From The Hood .

Why do guys ask you out then cheat on you 4 months later?

You're meeting guys that want fun instead of a relationship.

Why do guys need time to think about the relationship that they are in?

because guys arent sissy panties with releationships, and they need time to think if they need to sleep with more woman, or just to stay and settle

What does it mean when a guy says that you are for keeps and that you arent allowed to date any other guys but you arent dating and your relationship is supposedly on a break?

He doesnt want anybody else to have you. He must secretly like you deep down :)

Should you ask a girl how far she has gone with other guys?

probably not because, that is personal and you arent suppose to talk about past relationships with people you are in a relationship with in the present.

Who are the Kelts?

arent those the skirts that guys where in ireland.

Why don't guys like romance?

they do but some arent still into it.

What do guys like?

Guys usually love it when girls play with their hand, kiss them or hug them out of no where. If yall arent going out. You need to show them how cool you are. But don't go to much over the top.. That usually makes guys ill. And yeah. Worked for me. 9 months and 24 days :) Whoo hoo!

Is it okay for 2 guys to makeout that arent gay?

Okay if two guys makeout and it's out of passion then your gay.

What does it mean when the guy you have just started seeing tells you that he isn't ready for a relationship?

it means he either doesnt like u or he isn't ready!! It means that he isn't ready for a relationship. Guys generally are pretty straight forward they are not going to say that if they don't mean it. If he is into you he will come after you. I am sure you will find a wonderful guy who is ready though. Here is a quote that I love and think you should hear: "Guys are like buses, one comes along every 15 minutes. When you get the right one, you will know it…." -Unknown

Why are guys so much more immature then girls In most cases?

guys arent girls r more immature

What do guys mean when they say they need time?

With many guys (but not all) it means they want all the fringe benefits (such as a sexual relationship) without committing to a relationship. Some guys will tell you this because they truly aren't ready to have a relationship and if they were decent about it they would move on and let you move on. Women have total control when it comes to such a remark, so if you're smart give him all the space he wants ... kick his butt out the door!

What do you do if a guy wants to kiss you but you arent ready?

When it comes to the point where you are supposed to kiss tell him that you are sorry but you would rather wait and that you are not ready yet. Some guys are very understanding when it comes to that while others aren't. If he doesn't get it then he is not worth your time because you shouldn't be forced to kiss someone when you are not ready. Take your time and find the right guy

Can girls give guys promise rings... is it normal?

of course, if it feels right. who ever said only men can do these things? if he reacts in a bad way then perhaps you arent in a relationship best suited for you.

Is flirting online with another guy considered cheating?

Not really. It depends on you and your boyfriends relationship. How would you feel if you boyfriend was flirting with other girls? If your really close then you shouldn't feel the need to flirt with other guys and if you do feel the need to flirt with other guys maybe your not ready for a steady relationship

Why is it that guys don't consider you when they are looking for a girlfriend?

the guys might not consider because maybe your not his type, or he's just not that into you. == == Mabey ur not there type,or they arent attracted to u in that kind of way.Sometimes guys arent lookin for relationships, some like to be single instead of being tied down.

Can a long distance relationship work if it has for 4 months?

Honestly i dont think that they work because you never get to see the person. if you guys are meant to be then maybe.

What is a Gosling incubation period?

if no body knows these answers you guys arent of any help!

You like a guy but he likes someone else what sould you do?

guys arent worth it, let him be.

How was Morgan harrington murdered?

And you guys seem to be pretty sure that she's dead.. arent you.. ;)

How do you know if a guy is ready for a relationship?

really you don't know and honestly most guys really aren't ready for a relationship till there like 18 or older... there maturity level isn't at least they think there are but no not till around that age.. but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go out with them you gotta take a risk to find "that guy"

Do guys like it when girls say they love them?

It heavily depends on the relationship. There is a lot of social pressure and expectation on him to say he loves her back when she says she loves him. However, he may not feel the same way, or be ready to admit that he loves her, or feel that he isn't good enough for her even if he loves her, or a variety of other scenarios where he doesn't want to say those three words. However, some guys are totally cool with hearing a girl say she loves him and accept that as a part of the relationship. Best option: be in the relationship long enough for deep emotions to develop (probably 3-6 months, although this will vary based on the relationship), then do so privately for the first few times (ie, not in front of all his friends during the ball game) and be ready for that statement to shake things up in the relationship.

How do you change a guys mind to have a relationship with you?

You cannot change a guys mind.

Is it OK for guys to wear purity rings?

yes it is definitely ok for guys to wear purity rings. it shows that they arent afraid to stay pure and not ust do what all of the other guys do.