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Why do guys cheat on girls?

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Because the guy may feel that the certain girl he is cheating on is no longer a "challenge" to him. Try reading the book "Why Men Love Bitches". It gives you a lot of insight on why guys decide to cheat.

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Do girls cheat more often than guys?

yes girls cheat more than guys!!!

Why do girls hit boys?

Cuz guys can be stupid. Not girls. Guys can cheat in girls. Which makes them stupid

Do most girls cheat?

NO NO NO NO!!!! girls may cheat, but so do guys. there is not much difference. it depends on who your with!

How likely is it for guys to cheat on girls?

It depends on the guy. There are guys who cheat and then there are also girl who cheat too. This is based upon the type of person they are.

Why do girls cheat on their boyfriend just one time an then stop?

because the boys don't give what they what that's why the girls cheat on the guys

Why girls cheat on good guys?

They cheat them before or the girls want to make fun of someone so they can make jokes of them afterwards.

Why does guys cheat on girls?

Because girls cheat on Guys probably. Its nature.AnswerSome do because they want attention and some because they are a womanizer or some because of a bad childhood. i love girls @ multpile times and ...........Guys like to cheat because they love attention or they often times get a thrill of the chase. to cheat is like going on a rollercoaster for them. THEY LOVE IT! Dudes are dogs!

What are three stereotypes of gender?

Girls - Take long to get ready . Girls - Smell Good . Girls - Jealous Alot . Guys - Cheat All The Time . Guys - Are All Dumb Guys - Stink .

Why do guys girls cheat?

Guys or girls cheat because they are really not into you anymore and they don't want to hurt your feelings by breaking up with you. So if a guy or girl ever cheats on just break up with them first but be sure if they are definitely cheating because you never know. It's mainly guys that cheat rather than girls.

Why do guys cheat on girls with other guys?

Because, they are attracted to men, and are only with the woman for the appearance. They are in the closet.

How come guys cheat on girls with their ex girlfriend?

She is there and ready, willing and able.

Is it ok to cheat on guys with girls if they are bi?

No, it's not okay, it's still cheating.

Why do most boys cheat on their girlfriend?

because they think that they are all that and there are way more prettier girls out there than guys # some guys believe if they cheat then they are know as cool # when the truth isif they cheat # then they may love a girl and # feel like he is nothing when he cheat

Why do guys lie about cheating to girls?

Guys lie about cheating for the exact same reasons that girls lie about chaeating.----------If your guy lied about cheating, it doesn't mean that allguys do. Not all guys lie...not all guys cheat...and neither do all girls. It's unfair to the other guys in the world to assume otherwise.So the girls don't break up with them.

Why do good guys cheat?

if they cheat, then they're not good guys

Do girls cheat on guys or do guys cheat on girls more often?

Throughout all the age groups I have gone through, it seems that early on, men do a lot more cheating than women. As we grow older, it starts leveling out a little, but men still do it more.

Why do girls cheat on guys?

In most cases the girl will get bored of the guy, and find a new guy. Which results in the 'cheating'.

Why do guys cheat on their girls?

Most guys cheat because they get caught in the heat of the moment. They are very attracted to someone and lose their inhibitions (their ability to say no). One thing leads to another, and the man ends up cheating. The thing you must remember is that 95% of guys don't cheat to hurt the feelings of the person they are with, nor is the the girlfriend's fault that the guy cheated.

Do guys like thick or thin girls?

Some guys like thick girls. Some guys like thin girls. Some guys like guys.

Do guys touch girls more than girls touch guys?

guys touch girls more than girls do Even tho im a guy and i do Not do this but even tho im a guy i say guys touch girls more than girls touch guys

Why do girls always cheat on their boyfriends?

Not all girls cheat on their boyfriends.

Why are guys intimidated by pretty girls?

They Are afraid that the pretty girl they go out with might cheat on them. They also get nervous because the either don't have experience talking to girls or they are talking to a girl they really like just get nervous like modest guys do.

Are you people guys or girls?

Some are guys, some are girls.

Who is better guys or girls?

Well some guys would say guys are, and some girls would say girls are.

Why do guys obsess over girls they like?

ITs a fact that guys talk more about girls than girls do about guys because girls tend to talk a lot about social issues where as guys would talk about girls in that time.

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