Why do guys flirt but not ask you out on a date and does that mean a guy just wants to be friends and not take you out?

Probably just shy

most of the time if a guy flirts and does not ask you on a date he is just shy or afraid that you will say no. Try turning the tables on him and asking him out instead. At least, this was why I would flirt, but not ask the girl out.


They do want to take you out it's just guys are shy sometimes.

Everybody Flirts Sometimes

If depends on the guy. Is he shy? Some guys are to just to shy to ask for a date. Does he already have a girldfriend? Is he gay? Consider the situation and take time to find out more about the person. Sometimes people just have flirtatious personalities. It doesn't mean they want a serious relationship. The best way to find out if a guy wants a date is to ask him. How will you know if you don't ask?

A view from the other side

Maybe. But I bet not.

An awful lot of people are afraid of rejection. Very often someone will give all the signs, but then be unable to work up the courage to the last yard. What, you ask, how could he be afraid of someone as nice as you?

Here's what's going on in his head. He's met this absolutely wonderful girl, and while he's managed to get up enough nerve to talk to her, he just can't quite ask her out. Because if he muffs it and she says no it will wreck the great time you're having together now. Or what if she's already going out with someone else? Someone that terrific must already be involved with someone else. Don't want to make a fool of himself. So he waits. Maybe next time he'll have a better opportunity.

Is that rational? In a probabilistic sense, not really. But it's the way a lot of people are. While I am way past having to go through the agony of asking girls out, I can certainly remember going through that. What I missed out on because I was too scared to speak up! The guys who fire on anything that moves get a lot more babes, but I'll wager that the more reserved ones make better companions. After all, they're probably not going to be out firing on someone else while you're not looking.

Only thing I can suggest is be patient. Be approachable. Be open. Maybe drop a subtle hint or two.

Look For Flirting and be nice to him