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becasuse they give guys ideas and people are not as religious any more

i think that guys ofcourse like sluttier girls their easier to get.. bt deep inside they knw that they prefer a good girl. (NOT SLUTTY)

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Does Selena Gomez worship the devil?

If she ever did, I doubt Ms. Gomez would ever publicly state it. She may call herself a Christian, but suggestive lyrics say otherwise. Even so, that doesn't mean she worships the devil.

Was Tituba regarded as a good Christian?

she herself considered herself as a good christian but by the public she was not. she was said to practice a witch religion.

Is Icon for Hire Christian?

No, They might be Christian but they are NOT a christian band. The lead singer has said it herself.

What actors and actresses appeared in Operation MySpace - 2008?

The cast of Operation MySpace - 2008 includes: Filter as Themselves Disturbed as Themselves Carlos Mencia as Himself - Host The Pussycat Dolls as Themselves Ashley Roberts as herself Metal Sanaz as Themselves Jessica Simpson as herself Jessica Sutta as herself Kimberly Wyatt as herself

Is Annette Funicello a Christian?

She listed herself as Roman Catholic, and "Religious", not Christian.

Do any christian relics still exist?

yes they do my friend is a Christian herself

What actors and actresses appeared in Married on MySpace - 2009?

The cast of Married on MySpace - 2009 includes: Jordi Caballero as himself Elle Figueroa as herself Tito Figueroa as himself Leticia Jimenez as herself Angie Papanikolas as Poker Dealer

How tall is audrina?

On her personal myspace she says herself that she is 171cm and that about 5'7-5'7 1/2

Who symbolizes the suffering of anne's girl friends and of all Jews?

In some respects Anne Frank herself is treated as a symbol.

What actors and actresses appeared in Raising Matty Christian - 2014?

The cast of Raising Matty Christian - 2014 includes: Rick Bartel as himself Ken Berkowitz as himself Gary Bosselman as himself Robert Cedrone as himself Allie Christian as herself Allison Christian as herself Jack Christian as himself Dick Crisafulli as himself Mary DeGrenier as herself Katie Duggan as herself William Duggan as himself Wendy Fryar as herself Patricia Gallahue as herself Jeff Gallahue as himself Samantha Gavigan as herself James Kasser as himself Nick Mariani as himself Jane McNeice as herself Don McNeice as himself

Is Mandy Moore a believer?

She does not consider herself Christian.

Is Victoria Justice a Mormon?

No. She declares herself Christian.

Is Kelli Ward Mormon?

She classifies herself as Christian.

Who is lee ryans girlfriend?

Samantha Miller. They got together after she sent him dirty pictures of herself on myspace.

Did Vanessa Hudgens get fired from 'High School Musical'?

Because she posted naked pictures of herself on myspace

Is AnnaSophia Robb Catholic?

No, she is a Christian. She has said so herself.

What does miley look like on her MySpace?

miley looks like herself i have a myspace and i had her on it she has her reguler brown hair and her blue hasilish eyes some off her pics are her as hannha thought she does have pics with her family thought -kristin .a

Does mickey James have a MySpace?

She does not have myspace!! Gregory Helms and Matt Hardy have list of the WWE people that have legit myspaces. If there names are not on those lists then they do not have one. Mickie is not on either list and has said herself that she doesn't have one.

Where can you find photos of SJ whiteley's tattoos?

she has heaps of photos of herself showing her tattoos in her albums on

Does salena Gomez have a personal MySpace?

Yes she does an it's has a picture of herself holding up her url.

Is Nancy Ajram a Muslim?

Nancy Ajram claims herself a christian.

Which religion is Selena gomez is?

Selena Gomez has declared herself a Christian.

What actors and actresses appeared in Primitive Pitcairn - 1935?

The cast of Primitive Pitcairn - 1935 includes: Viola Christian as herself Edward Christian as himself Annie McCoy as herself Dora Warren as herself Carey Wilson as Narrator Benjamin Young as himself

Is Amy lee a born again Christian?

The band's lead singer Amy Lee has insisted the band is not Christian and does not intend to send a Christian message, even though she is in fact a Christian herself.

What actors and actresses appeared in Rate Myspace - 2008?

The cast of Rate My Space - 2008 includes: Judith Balis as herself Jared Dostie as Himself - carpenter Deidre Kotch as herself

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