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Why do guys like girls with large breasts?

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2008-02-01 02:33:28

It's really tough to know for sure, but it could be a genetic or

societal thing (nature vs nuture). Most guys tend to like larger

breasts no matter what part of the world they are from, so it

probably isn't a societal thing. Instead, it is probably encoded in

some gene that drives brain development during puberty that goes

along with guys liking everything else about girls. So, if it's

genetic, then why? Most issues such as this are resolved by

thinking in an evolutionary context. That is to say, is there

something about guys liking large breasts that makes their

offspring survive more? Well, maybe! One hypothesis would be that

large breasts make more milk, so if a guy mates with a girl who has

large breasts, the chance of his child survivng (by having better

nutrition) and passing on his genes of liking large breast will be

increased. However, most people say there is no known correlation

(although that is a way of saying we aren't completely sure, but

there's not a huge difference), but it could still matter. Also,

women's breasts tend to swell when they produce milk. So, a guy

saying, "Wow, nice breasts," could really mean "Wow, your breasts

are swollen with milk and if I had a child with you then you could

provide him/her with great nutrition to make him/her survive."

Another idea would be that breasts tend to develop as women go

through puberty. Therefore, before societal conventions prevented

it, liking girls with larger breasts could stop them from trying to

mate with a very young girl who was either not sexually mature (and

could not bear a child) or unable to properly care for a child

(because they do not know the ways of the world yet). This way they

wouldn't waste their time pursuing someone who wouldn't have

children if they mated or someone who couldn't raise a child

properly. I am sure you can think of other reasons that guys liking

large breasts would help them have more offspring that survive, but

the general idea of passing on genes to as many offspring as

possible is probably correct. One note is that even girls with

small breasts can produce plenty of milk, and, perhaps not

surprisingly, breast size is not a deal breaker for most guys.

Instead, it is just a secondary factor that guys tend to think


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