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To compare. He needs to asure his own decissions. He needs to remind himself why he walked away from her. So he searches the positives and negatives of the ex, then put you onto the same scale and then compares. Most likely this happens when he needs to find out why he got divorced in the first place and married you. It is a thing with man. Allways asking, allways comparing, its nothing personal, that's just how we are! And then he finds out why he chose you and loves you a lot more for it. It's a insecurity!!!!

exsome guys stare at there ex because they are still in love with there ex Answerwell, because there guys! they always want more and more and sometimes they just miss them..once in a milloin chance though...neways don't warry! guys will always be guys! AnswerThey wonder how they ever fell for her . . .
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Q: Why do guys stare at their ex?
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he probably thinks that your boyfriend is the reason u guys broke up

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deal with it, guys stare at other girls more than girls stare at guys

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Ex sex is hot. Guys are often still attracted to girls they arnt going out with anymore, useally just because they want to sleep with them. Ex sex is hot. Guys are often still attracted to girls they arnt going out with anymore, useally just because they want to sleep with them.

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== ==

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