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Because they're trying to get your attention, and aren't good at dealing with their feelings properly. if they ignore you then they probably are too shy to talk to you or be near you

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Q: Why do guys tease and ignore you when they like you?
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What if you have a bad name at school because you like to hang with guys but you are actually a virgin?

If they tease you or say something wrong it's an illegal offence. they are selfish. Just ignore them.Another word for it is spreading rumours. All you have to do is ignore them

Do you think guys who like to tease a lot be great as a boyfriend?

Depends on whether you like him to tease you or not. It's your response that matters.

Why do guys ignore girls when they find out they like them?

Because guys tend to believe that they will get more attention (from those girls who like them), when they ignore girls who like them

Do guys like you more if you ignore them?

no they will not

Why do girls randomly tease guys?

BECAUSE we like playing hard to get

How do huys tease there mates if they like a guy?

do you mean how do GUYS tease their mates if they like a guy? As in, try to get the guy they like to know they like them? Or make fun of them because they like a guy? be specific.

How do you guys show a girl you like her?

We flirt and tease girls to demonstrate our affection for them.

How do you get a boy to like you and stop being mean to you?

I have had that problem too Nd I found that this timetable usually covers it: Flirt, tease, ignore, ask out. That's usually what guys who like you do. And if not then look extra pretty one day then act like you don't even know him. Hope this helps :))

What if he always teases you in facebook?

if i does tease you then ignore him.

How do you get guys to like you fast please don't say to be yourself?

you kind of tease them and fight with them

If a guy likes you will he tease you?

For some strange reason guys don't like to be romantic and cute so if they like a girl they will tease their way into your heart it's kinda weird but very true

How do you get him to tease you and talk dirty?

Like 90% of guys they want you to make the move first, then tell them you like it and want them to do it to you..

Why guys teasing girles even they likes too?

I think guys tease girls even if they like you, is because they are flirting with you, and want to impress you.

If a boy makes fun of a girl does that mean they like them?

Yes, guys will often tease a girl they like as a way of flirting.

Do guys ignore you when they like you and not talk to you but stare at you in class all the time?

== ==

What should you do if you really like some one but your your a pre- teen and if everyone found out they would tease you?

Ignore the teasing! Love is a great feeling if they love you back. Be proud you actually are in love( it usually means there jealous if they tease you)

There is this girl in one of my classes and i think she might like me how can i tell also i dont like her so if she does like me what can i do?

It depends-Does she tease you??? If yes then there is a 50% chance she likes you if not then she doesn't if she does and you don't just ignore her or if y'all are friends just ignore the fact that she likes you i hope i helped

Do emo guys usaully like emo girls more?

Yes because then they have someone to relate to-and you don't see emo guys dating preps that tease them insanely. Do you?

Do guys like girls that sometimes ignore them?

yes of course all the time

Does a Leo man tease the girl he likes?

most guys tease the girl he likes, so probably

Why do guys ignore phone calls?

Either they don't feel like talking to you, or they don't like you. They could be playing videogames, in class, at work, hangin out with the guys, or sleeping.

Why do guys ignore?

to be ignorant, attention, but sometimes/mostly because they like you and they are playing "mad"

Why wouldn't a guy want you to read him?

guys like to be secret, i hate it but its how they are just ignore him

Why if guys like you do they laugh at you?

theyre teasing. its a pathetic way to get you to notice them. just ignore it

What does it mean when a guys friends tease you about him?

They're jealous of him.