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because of soil movement, if it moves only a little crack it means that the soil has not moved much (don't fill in the cracks, when the soil moves it will eventually make the wall wall out and the house's roof over time will be destructed)

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Q: Why do hairline cracks appear in concrete wall of a house?
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How do you seal cracks in concrete?

There are now a variety of ways to seal cracks, depending on the use of the concrete. -ie, if it is just a footpath or a house floor or a garage floor. There are new epoxy concrete mixes, caulks, thin set cements and others. A wide range can be found in Home Depot.

Can you repair hairline cracks concrete walls of a house?

Hi,The cracked portion should be widen gently and be cleaned of all loose materials. Fill the cracked portion by pressure grouting or 'guniting'. The material for such grouting can be epoxy or cement (with suitable admixture).Epoxy has more strength and adhesion than cement and can go into very thin cracks as fine as 0.1 mm. The surface should be finished according to adjacent area on the wall.Note: The cracks in RCC members/ structural members should be repaired immediately with consultation form structural engineer/professional.Read complete article at

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What causes foundation cracks?

broken underground water pipes cause cracks when gone un-noticed due to water sucked into the concrete--water freezing and then spreading the concrete molecules apart Tree roots also cause foundation cracks when large trees are planted too close to the house or vice versa. there is also the shifting of land and the settling of a newly built home that goes un-detected as time passes by.

What is concrete house?

a concrete house is a house that is made out of water,cement,sand & sometimes small rocks

What type of concerns or problems should you look for if you are buying a house with an inground concrete pool built in 1980?

Any cracks that are in the pool, and if it leaks. See if you can get anyone to come out and inspect the pool.

What are the two causes of mechanical weathering?

If you want to draw something of mechanical weathering like me then i got the idea for you draw a rock with cracks and a concrete house with no roof at the top mechanical weathering

What Percentage of cement is used in concrete in a house?

the concrete used in a house is 47% cement

Basement Waterproofing?

form_title=Basement Waterproofing form_header=8683 Please specify the current condition of the foundation area in need of waterproofing.*= () Wall is exposed () Wall is not exposed What type of foundation does your house have?*= {Select One,Poured concrete slab foundation,Brick or stone foundation,Poured concrete basement,Insulated concrete foundation,Concrete block foundation,Concrete pier foundation,Poured concrete with crawl space,Don't Know} What are some of the problems you are experiencing with the foundation?*= [] "Mold, mildew, and/or fungus [] Excessive dampness [] Discoloration, odors, or rust [] White powder or spots on walls [] Hairline cracks [] Basement flooding [] Buckling or bowing walls [] Mud or clay silt surfacing inside [] Corners shifting and cracking [] Floor dropping or other changes"

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