Why do have religion?

That is an interesting question and one that has been asked many times it would seem that society's that do not have any type of spiritual or religious if you like facet to them don't thrive. A society is a group of individuals that work together and in the interest of each other in order to succeed. they see their society as one entity and they see themselves as part of that entity. If all of the individuals in the society saw themselves as individuals with only their own best interest at heart the society would fail. because of this way of thinking there has been a type of confusion build in peoples minds that there is an overall powerful entity (like a father or mother to a child) that oversees all of this. and this line of thought has developed and become more complex as Wilie politicians and theologians have taken advantage of it to further their own power bases. Never the less without this weakness that leads people into religion they would never have been able to working cooperation with each other to any great extent. the building of the piramids is probably a good example.