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Why do heat pumps feel cold compared to gas heat?

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Heat pumps do not operate at as wide a temperature difference spectrum so though the air is warmer than outside it is closer to your body temperature and feels cooler to you cuz it is. ( T.D. = temperature difference ) from the measured media going in to the measured media going out of its treatment process. Hope this helps: Jimiwane

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What is it when you're always cold?

it is because of the tranfering of the heat when u transfer heat u feel cold

When you dip your hand in cold water you feel it cold. Can you name the mode of heat transfer and its direction?

When you dip your hand in cold water you feel it cold. Can you name the mode of heat transfer and its direction?

Why you feel the cold from a snowball when you hold it in your bare hand?

Acutually, it's not the "cold" you feel, but the lack of heat. Heat naturally travels from warm to cold. It's warmer in your hand than in the snowball, so heat naturally travels to the snowball. Your hand becomes colder because it is losing heat, which is why it feels cold.

Why is acetone cold?

acetone feels cold because it requires energy in the form of heat to evaporate. It uses the heat of your skin, making you feel cold.

Electric Heat Pumps for Homes?

form_title= Electric Heat Pumps for Homes form_header= Stay warm with electric heat pumps. What is the square footage of your home?*= _ [50] What is your current source of heat?*= _ [50] Do you want the pumps delivered?*= () Yes () No

Why do you feel cold when you come out of a swimming pool?

Evapouration of the water on your skin requires heat, which it draws from your body, making you feel cold.

Why does metal feel cold?

metals feel cold as they are very thermal conductive, so it will conduct the coolness through the metal, lose heat, thus feeling cold

What direction does heat always travel in?

heat transfers to the coldest thing in the area. there for, there is no such thing as hot or cold because when something is cold all you really feel in the loss of heat from your hand to the cold object. same goes for hot. all you really feel is the large amounts of heat that hot object is giving you.

Why does the wind in the atmosphere feel cold?

The wind blows your body heat away from you. And if the wind feels cold it probably is cold.

Is iron and steel a conductor of cold?

Since cold is the absence of heat, this begs the question whether anything "conducts cold". Steel racks in a freezer feel cold since they absorb heat from your hand; the "cold" isn't moving into your hand, you're losing heat.

Which type of heat transfer is responsible for making you feel cold when you are swimming in a pool that is cold throughout?


Why is ethanol cold?

It is not cold, the reason u feel ur hand cold when some ethanol reaches it is that it starts vaporizing so it absorbs the heat of ur hand so u feel it cold,

Why do you rub your hands together when you feel cold?

Rubing hands creates friction due to which heat is produced and you feel warmth; the same reason your body shivers when you are cold, the extra movement creats heat for your body.

Understanding The Geothermal Heat Pump?

Conventional heat pumps heat homes and buildings by extracting heat from the outside air. In summer months, heat pumps function as air conditioners by reversing the process. Unfortunately, heat pumps are trying to provide heat when the air is coldest outside and to cool when the air is hottest. Thus, in very cold and very hot weather, conventional heat pumps do not operate efficiently.The Geothermal Heat PumpGeothermal heat pumps offer another solution to heat and cool homes and commercial buildings. Instead of exchanging heat with air, these heat pumps exchange heat with the ground or a source of water. This gives geothermal heat pumps a significant efficiency advantage over conventional heat pumps because the ground and water sources are more thermally inert than air. What this means is that the ground below the frost line and bodies of water do not change temperature much no matter what the season. So geothermal heat pumps do not have to work as hard to heat in the winter and cool in the summer as conventional heat pumps do. Consequently, they use significantly less electricity than conventional heat pumps and have less need for auxiliary heating sources. There are two types of geothermal heat pumps. The closed system uses a mix of water and antifreeze that flows through pipes buried in the ground or submerged in a large body of water such as a pond or lake. The open loop system pumps water from a well, pond, or lake through the heat pump and then pumps the water back to the source or to a drainage ditch.Factors to ConsiderGeothermal heat pumps are more efficient than conventional heat pumps, but that efficiency advantage varies greatly. A consumer may see as little as a 20% gain over his current energy source, or he may see in excess of 60% gains in efficiency. Factors such as the local geology, availability of a water source, the type of geothermal heat pump installed, and the cost of the type of energy currently used impact the efficiency gains. Geothermal heat pumps also cost twice as much or more than conventional heat pumps to purchase and install. However, they cost less to maintain and usually have a longer lifespan than conventional heat pumps. Home and business owners should do significant research and seek expert assistance before determining which type of heat pump is right for them.

What type of reaction gives off heat Does it feel hot or cold?

An exothermic reaction gives off heat, and so it will feel warm (or hot) to the touch.

Example of heat of vaporation?

Smear water at blood temperature on your skin. It will feel cold as it uses heat from you to evaporate.

Why do metals feel cold when they are touched?

metal conducts heat away from the body

Why you have to feel the cold of a snowball?

because you didnt heat it up in the microwave yet.

What does exothermic reactions feel like?

feels cold because it is the release of heat

Is a heat pump electric or gas?

All the heat pumps that I know of are electric. Some may have gas backup-- in very cold conditions , heat pump will not work, so some kind of backup is needed.

What has the author F Moser written?

F. Moser has written: 'Heat pumps in industry' -- subject(s): Heat pumps

Why wet clothes feel cold?

Because there are water particles inside the wet clothes. These particles then evaporate from liquid to gas using heat energy. The heat energy were supplied from our body => The body temperature decreases as we lost more heat energy => feel cold.

What type of heat transfer is responsible for making you feel cold when you are swimming in a pool that is cold throughout?

Conduction. Heat travels from high to low to balance itself, in a cold pool our warm bodies will lose heat to balance the waters temperature.

When you dip your hand in cold water you feel it cold can you name the mode of heat transfer and its direction?

This type of heat transfer is called conduction. The transfer is from the warm hand to cool water.

Why do people shiver when cold?

We do this to preserve body heat as we move blood pumps through our body and keeps our internal body temperature normal. It's just a natural reaction to the cold.