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Why do horseflies fly around water?

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Horseflies are Stalking YouUnlike mosquitoes, horse flies do not breed in water, they lay there eggs in animal feces or carcasses as well as moist deadwood. Horse flies live in the bush and are attracted to movement. When a horse fly senses (sees) you are around it stalks you like your its prey. If you just walked through the bush to get to your boat dock, they will follow you there. If you are out in your boat they will have followed you from the bush to the boat. Horse flies are relentless creatures and the only real way to get rid of them when out on the water is to kill them. Once your out there and have killed all the horse flies you will notice that there will be none around. Of course if you go too close to shore, you may be stalked by other horse fly predators.

The same theory applies to deer flies as well.

2011-03-31 04:48:20
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Do horseflies fly around feces?

yes because they may eggs on it

How do you kill horseflies by the pool?

fly swater

How fast do horseflies fly?


Can a fly eat a horse?

No, but horseflies bite them.

Do horseflies sting?

Horseflies do not sting, As you may know they are like any other normal fly, The only insects that i know that sting are bees

When do horseflies die out?


How do you get rid of horseflies in the house?

You can swat them, use fly traps, or spray them.

How do you repel horseflies or bulldog flies?

Use fly spray repellant

How do horseflies fly?

Horse Flies fly by flapping there wings, like every other living flier.

How do you keep horseflies off a horse?

Lots of fly spray. If you are able to go out and put fly spray on them in the middle of the day when the flys are worse. If you are having problems with the horseflies in your barn too then it is a good iead to put out fly bait/killer and hang those sticky fly traps up.

Do horseflies live in a hole?

Horseflies do not live in holes. These insects live near water. A female horsefly lays eggs on plants or near water.

How do you get rid of horseflies?

How to Get Rid of HorsefliesHorseflies, deer flies and the yellow fly are in the same family and can be effectivly trapped. Visit for more information. Or just to improve this answer a little, you could go and buy some fly spray? Its quite cheap and you can get it at all local tack shops near you :) if your horse has a problem with flys in his/hers ears i'd recommend you get the fly gel as you can rub that in there ears or you can just spray a small amout on your hand and rub AROUND the ear, not in. Hope this helped :)

Why are horse flies called horseflies?

because they are usually around horses

Why do horseflies bite horses?

Horseflies are meat eaters. They bite to tear a chunk of flesh off you in order to feed. Whether horseflies are useful at all I don't know. They are probably just another meal in the food chain........... horseflies are not meat eaters, only the female horse fly bites and they do this as they need a blood meal to be able to reproduce, horse flies normally bite mammals but there are some species that bite reptiles, birds and fish.

When a fly bites does it hurt?

Horseflies yes, but a normal house fly does not sting. Instead they land and start to feed on the skin such as if you are sweating, they land and drink the sweat. They also can lay eggs on the skin too...

Do water bugs fly?

yes they do me and my sister went swimming and we took them out and they went around the pool and into the water so yes they do fly

What do horseflies eat?


Are horseflies poisonous?

Horseflies are not dangerous. However, their bite can be very painful and they are able to carry a number of infectious diseases.

How many centimeters long is a horsefly?

Horseflies are among the world's largest flies. They belong to the tabanidae family. Horseflies can be as large as 1 ¼ inches in length. So, horseflies can be up to 3.175 cm long.

What attracts horseflies?

Summer heat.

Where do horseflies live?

In Mexico and china

What are horseflies related too?


Do horseflies bite?

Yes they do bite and it is a bit painful. After you are bitten, the bite may be painful and will be itchy for a while. Put on an ointment to lessen the swelling, and don't scratch the bite, or it may become infected. After that, cover up the bite to prevent bacteria from entering the bite. Horseflies usually come out on sunny, hot, and dry days around water, and people, so be careful!

Is there a fly repellent that works good on horseflies?

Yes. You can buy products that are specifically designed as a horsefly repellent, such as EcoSMART Horse Fly Spray. These products are available online or at most equine supply shops. You can also make your own horse fly repellent, by mixing vinegar and eucalyptus.

What do horseflies look like?

Huge flies.