Why do horses have shoes?

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For traction and the horses safety

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Q: Why do horses have shoes?
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Person who shoes horses?

A person who puts shoes on horses is called a farrier.

Why Horses Wear Shoes?

Horses wear shoes because it helps them with their balance and grip on the ground. Not all horses wear shoes though. some don't need them.

Who took care of the horses shoes?

blacksmiths or farriers take care of the horses shoes

Why do horses ware horses shoes?

*Grammatically correct/correctly spelled version of question:* "Why do horses wear horse shoes?" In short- The same reason you wear shoes. Not all horses wear shoes, but when they do it's to protect their hooves from being damaged. You see shoes on horses with sensitive/already damaged hooves wearing shoes, as well as horses that have to walk on hard dirt or stone.

Who shoes horses?

a farrier or blacksmith shoes horses. a veterinarian may also be trained to do it.

Do horses grow out of their horse shoes?

Yes, horses do grow out of their shoes. Their shoes can also become worn and need replacing because of that.

Is there a farrier who shoes trotting horses in kent?

Wayne Place shoes trotting horses his number is 07851 332309

What is the possessive noun of. The shoes of the horses?

The possessive form for 'the shoes of the horse' is the horse's shoes.

What are horse shoes made of?

The average shoe is made of iron. There are also specialty shoes that are made for race horses. These are made of aluminum. They are light weight. There are other shoes made for horses that are made of rubber.These shoes are made for horses that live in cities like New York.Rubber shoes also are worn by horses with foot problems.

What will go to sleep with shoes on?


One who shoes horses?


Do horses run faster with or without shoes?

It depends on what type of ground they are running on. Horses with shoes are typically used on trails.

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