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the same reason we do! even though they can sleep standing up, they can also lie down for sleep or rest:) hope this helps!

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Do horses lay down?

Horses usually lay down, but most of the time they stand when they sleep. Usually young horses lay down because they aren't strong enough to stand long enough to sleep

Can horses sleep?

Yes horses can sleep. If they lay down they can sleep but just as long as they don't lay down for long periods of time.

Do horses lay down to sleep?

No, they don't.

Do horses lay down when they sleep?

No. Mature horses sleep standing up.

Do healthy horses lay down?


Do horses stand during pregnancy?

Unless stressed, mares generally lay down to foal. Horses cannot lay down for prolonged periods and pregnancy is no exception.

Can horses lay down for a long time?

They 'can' but it's not really good for them. Usually they enjoy sunbathing though and lay down to do so.

Horses lying down?

yes horses do lie down if fact although it take more muscles for them to lay rather than to stand

Do horses stand up there whole life?

no they role and when they sleep they lay down

Why does a horses legs shake when going to lay down?

because they strain there weight

Is it good for a horse to lay down for a long time?

It is not good for a horse to lay down because people think that the circulation of the blood stops flowing through their legs, and they may lay down if they hurt something. From Horses often lay down with no complications. They will lie on their side, then on the other side and often on their chest. Many will lay down to sleep. A relaxed horse will lay down and enjoy the warmth of the earth and from the sunshine

Do horses laydown?

Yes, horses do lay down. Sometimes they just want to have a rest but do not want to sleep. Sometimes they are sick, but very rarely.

What is a horses sleeping pattern?

Horses will nap between late morning and midafternoon, usually standing. Youngsters will lay down often throughout the day. Most horses will lay down at night. However, if pastured in a group, there will almost always be one animal standing 'guard' over it's sleeping mates.

Why do cattle lay down to sleep while horses stand up to sleep?

Horse typically stand to nap, but they do lay down to get REM sleep. Cattle lay down for the same reasons, and they will also 'doze' while standing just like a horse.

Are horses oviparous or viviparous?

"Ovi" means "eggs." Horses do not lay eggs!

How often should a horse lay down?

Horses in safe surroundings will lay down at least once a day, sometimes more. This is because horses cannot get REM sleep while standing and they require about 45 minutes of REM sleep a day in order to be well-rested.

How do you know when horses are in pain?

Depending on whats in pain they could limp, lay down, roll, continue to get up and down, bite at their bellies, some kick the air aswell thats some of what horses will do

Do horses lay down when they are bored?

not all the time sometimes they just look around or rest stood up.

Why is it bad for horses to lay down for too long?

because they can become lame and get swores on their sides and rear end.

D horses lay eggs?

No, horses are mammals and have a live birth

Do any male animals lay eggs?

Sea Horses lay eggs .

Do horses lay eggs?

Horses lay eggs, but only in the winter when it's cold and Boogalshies (evil horse egg eating monsters) are frozen.

When was Get Down or Lay Down created?

Get Down or Lay Down was created in 2000.

Why can cows lay down and horses cannot?

A horse can lay down just like a cow can. Just like with cows, horses will lay down either recumbant on their fronts or layed out on their sides when they are relaxed and they feel secure. When someone sees a horse laying down in the middle of a pasture as they drive by, this should never be a means to suddenly come to the conclusion that that horse is dead. A horse can only get a real deep REM sleep when it is laying down, never when it is standing. Horses will doze or sleep lightly whilst standing, locking their knee joints and resting on three legs as they do so. Because horses are prey animals and their instinct is to flight first before investigating when startled, if they do not feel safe in an area they will not lay down to rest. A cow is no different since she too, is a prey animal just like the horse. Just like the horse, even though cows are more calmer and less "hot-headed" than most horses may be, they too will choose to stand to doze in one spot rather than lay down if they do not feel secure enough.

How do mustang horses sleep?

mustangs sleep standing up and they lay down for about an hour as long as there is some protection if there is no protection they will not sleep.

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