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It is like a doctors waiting room : people come in, see the doctor, and leave : people are born, live life and die.

Theologically and metaphysically, no one can say for certain. Biologically, all living things age, and lose the ability to constantly replace their organ cells.

Yes, there is an end to all living organisms on the earth. All animals have to die eventually.

If you do not die from illness, accident, deliberate fault or whatever, you will die from old age. Scientists have not found how to make us live forever yet. If they did then the world would over populate in no time. It is a natural process to live and die.

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Q: Why do humans die?
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Do humans have to die?

humans have to die because when humans die there is more room for the newborn and because nobody can live forever.

How are humans supposed to die?

Humans die at the end of their natural lives, which is different for every human.

Why do gerbils die?

For the same reason humans die.

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4,500 humans die of water pollution everyday! Clean our water!

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Humans will always die at some point.

Why do humans need water?

Humans need water or their cells in their body will stop working and die. Once your cells die, you die. Cells are what keep you alive.

Why do soldiers die?

Soldiers die because they are humans, and all humans must die eventually. If they had better defenses, they might survive more easily. =D

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Angels and humans are entirely separate beings with entirely separate origins and destinies. Humans cannot become angels, nor can angels become humans. Angels can appear as humans but they are still angels. Humans die, whereas angels cannot die or be destroyed.

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Yes, they can! You lose muscle control when you die

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Humans and birds can die from avian "bird" flu. Up to 60% of humans who get avian flu can die.

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If humans don't have any cells then you would die.

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We humans would become dehydrated and could possibly die.

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Humans can die of skin cancer , or even a sun stroke.

What is the effect on humans if the Maui dolphins die?

There would be no discernible physical effect on humans.

What is the harmful effect of goat on humans?

There are many harmful effects of goat on humans. For humans that are allergic to goats they can potentially die.

What are the effects of oil spills to humans and animals?

The effect on humans and animals when there are oil spills is that the animal will die and the animal that usually eats that animal will die and so on. Humans will also be affected greatly because humans need water to drink.

What would happen to the animals on earth if there were no soil?

You can kill part of the earth, including humans. Because humans eat some types of animals, and if we don't have the animals to eat, all humans can die. The animals will die too, they are just like humans.

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If they do they should die. >=|

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very very easily

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