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Humans need sleep so that the body can recover from the stress, the tiredness. Organs, muscles, the brain need to rest, and the only way to rest completely is by sleeping. Is is a time to set your mind free, to recover cells, to gain strength for the next day!

== == Every living creature in this world needs to rest. Cat's, dogs, little babies, elephants and so much more. Just like eating. Sleep is necessary for survival. It gives our body a rest and allows it to prepare for the next day. It's like giving our body a mini-vacation. According to some scientist sleep is the time when our brain sorts and stores information, replaces chemicals, and solves problems.

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Q: Why do humans need sleep?
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How much sleep does humans need?

kids need 8-12 sleep

Why do betta fish sleep?

Well to survive they need their sleep like us humans need it

What do humans need in order to have energy to grow?

We need food and sleep

What did animals do to survive?

They basically do what humans do to survive. Like humans need to eat to survive and we also need to sleep to survive.

When do monsters sleep?

Monsters sleep when they are tired from hunting humans and need rest for the next day of hunting them.

How much sleep does a 29 year old need?

Adult humans need around eight-ten hours of sleep every night.

Does ants sleep?

Yes, ants do sleep. Just like humans, ants need the energy sleep provides.

Do you have day and night so you know when to go to sleep?

Perhaps, you didn't know, but humans need to sleep. I don't know how you are still alive if you didn't know about it. Humans usually sleep at night and do the rest at the midday.

Why do human beings need to sleep?

Humans need sleep because the brain needs to rest. Sleep also allows the body to heal and complete the processes it needs to carry out every day.

How may hours of sleep does a 31 year old need?

All humans typically need eight hours of sleep, no matter the age? Your age doesn't mean anything to your sleep. Age and your hours of sleep are useless to each other.

Is polyphasic sleeping healthy?

"Polyphasic sleep isn't unhealthy. With that being said, humans generally need to get a full 8 hours of sleep per night. Polyphasic sleep does not fulfill this need in the slightest bit."

How many hours sleep does an adult lady need?

8hrs is recommended for all humans

Who sleeps more cats or humans?

cats can sleep 15 hours a day which is more than how much humans sleep. humans sleep for about 7 hours a day.

Why do humans need a bed to sleep on?

they don't, it's just more comfortable and better for your body.

What month do brown bears fall in to deep sleep?

Brown bears do not fall into a deep sleep. That is a false cartoon outlook on bears hibernating. Bears sleep nightly like humans, and do not need hibernation.

How and when do tigers sleep?

they sleep just like humans do and they sleep dawn till noon.

Why do dogs bark in there sleep?

dogs bark in their sleep because they are sleep barking. its like humans sleep talking

Do humans sleep?


Do chimpanzees sleep?

Chimpanzees sleep because they are just like humans. They are closer to humans than any other animal!!

Why are you tiered?

Because humans are like batteries when they run out of energy they need to be recharged so that's why we sleep :) Rena.R

How long do tigers sleep?

Tigers usually sleep as long as humans do.

Why do lynx sleep?

The same reason why humans and other animals sleep.

Do humans eat spiders in their sleep?

no no one eats spiders in there sleep.

Do chickens sleep?

Chickens do sleep. They sleep at night just like humans.

What are 5 things all living things need to survive?

Food, water, oxygen, warmth, and sleep No that's humans ^