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Why do i bite my fingernails?

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This is due to anxiety, stress, hunger or boredom.

To avoid it is to bring yourself aware of this issue and tell your self not to do it. Another simple way is to trim the nails very short.

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What happens if you bit your fingers to your nub?

The correct expression is "bite your fingernails to the nub" or "bite your fingernails to the quick". You cannot bite your fingers to the nub---impossible. If you bite your fingernails to the nub, nub refers to the way your finger ends would look without a nail sticking out. Nails bitten so badly could bleed and cause the end of the fingers to be sore.

Does Miley Cyrus bite her fingernails?

yes its her worst habbit

Does princeston from mindless behavior bite his fingernails?

no....he hates that habbit

How is your fingernails poison?

i dont know... are they even poisonous? i bite my fiingernails everytime -_-....

If you bite your fingernails every day how much of yourself do you consume in your lifetime?

None, you spit them out.

Can I bite your Fingernails?

no because that messes up your teeth and if you eat the nail you get very sick

Is it okay to bite your fingernails?

no. it is not ok because it wears down the tooths enamel which is not a good think

Why does Jamie Lynn Spears bite her fingernails?

its a habit that people do and britney bites her nails to and i do to mostly everyone does

Is eating your fingernails bad?

Yes.You bite your nails and your nails are just dead chemicals and skin that grow on your fingers as nails.

Is it true when you bite your nails off your fingers that you won't grow?

This is not even remotely true. Someone is trying to scare you off biting your fingernails.

Do people eat human flesh?

Well yes, if say you are board and one habit is too bite your nails and also it is a habit to bite your skin around your fingernails. Sounds sick but this is just the same as biting your nails.

Are fingernails proximal to the wrist?

The fingernails are distal to the wrist. The wrist is proximal to the fingernails.

Why are Steve Harvey fingernails brown?

because it's residue from brown nail polish years ago. he just never had time to get rid of it.

What is the Name of five fingernails?


Can fingernails breathe?

No. There is no transpiration through the fingernails.

What do monkeys and apes have claws or fingernails?

They have fingernails.

Do manatees have fingernails?

All species of manatee have fingernails, apart from the the Amazonian manatee and the dugong, they do not have fingernails.

What can you do for a child that picks their fingernails out?

you duct tape their fingernails and when they forget that the pick their fingernails and then its all done

What is the best thing to put on your fingernails because you hate bitting them?

They actually have no bite polish that taste HORRIBLE i used to have that problem so it does work you can probably get it at a drugstore or amazon.

What is 'fingernails' when translated from English to Italian?

"Fingernails" in English is unghie delle dita in Italian.

Why do who have fingernails?

People's fingernails are designed to protect the ends of our fingers, which are much more delicate than fingernails are.

How do you stop biting fingernails?

Biting your nails is a horrible habit. My mother told me that if you bite your nails and become infeted you can lose your fingertips, which scared me so much i didnt bite my nails anymore. But if you have this habit i recomend that YOU CUT YOUR NAILS SO OFTEN THAT THEYRE SO SHORT YOU CANT BITE THEM ANYMORE.i hope this helps :]

What are fingernails made out of?

Fingernails are made of the protein keratin.

Which collects more bacteria fingernails or toenails?


Are fingernails live cells?

no, but the rim of our fingernails are alive