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Why do i have to disconect car battery for car stereo to work again?


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You may have to disconnect and recharge your car battery for your car stereo to work again.


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its a good idea to disconect the negative battery turminal ANYTIME you work with something electrical. :D

You need to re-enter the code for your stereo which can be found in the manual that should have been supplied with your car

I have a 92 Honda accord with anti theft radio that needs a code when battery is disconnected. My code is 34444 if you have tried several codes that did not work you might need to disconnect your battery and reconnect battery again then try the code.

No actually from what i learned it drains the power of the battery.

take out the battery in the back of your phonethe blow on the battery ,all sidesput the battery back inthen try turning on the phoneif that doesn't work you need to search again and again and again

you disconect the battery for ten minutes then hook it back up, if that does not work you have to have someone with a scanner clear the code.

It starts to work again.

Yes, IF the operating voltage of the stereo is the same as the battery output voltage of the vehicle.

you can disconect the battery for a minute to 5 minutes, if that dosent work you havent fixed the problem.

Some stereo systems coming with Camry have auto-theft protection code, it means if you disconnect battery or the stereo itself, you will have enter a code when you power it on. If you do not that code you might have some hard times unblocking the stereo. Also some people have problems with fuses after battery change. Thus the fuse boxes.

i have a Honda civic and this worked for me. disconnect and reconnect the battery to reset, with your stereo off press 1 and 6 at the same time and turn your stereo on, you should get your serial #, right it down then call 1800 999 1009.

need to enter trhe factory code for stereo, battery death resets the unit to factory default the idea is you steal the unit and cant get it to work without code.........usually written on unit or in the car manual which should have come with the car. if not...........happy new stereo unit!

Disconect the negative cable on your battery and the but it back on, make sure all doors are closed and then press your auto lock key till you lock the car and the horn sounds and the open with your auto key again and that should work. I know it worked for me.

Try pressing the lock and unlock button together until you hear the horn beep once and that should work.

Car stereos will last longer if you do not add all the extra things to them like amplifiers and larger speakers. These items cause the stereo to work harder than it would work under normal conditions and you will drain the power from the battery faster as well. If you decide to add any extras to your car stereo system, consider getting a newer stereo that is compatible with everything that you want to add.

you first try it again and if it doesnt work your battery must be checked

It would be best to disconnect the battery but removing the fuse will also work as long as you are careful not to disrupt other hot wires while working in the dash.

I remove my stereo from my GMC Truck and now my lights don't work

make sure the speakers werent stolen first off then try new wires from the stereo to a speaker that you are sure works. if that speaker doesnt work take your stereo back

why does a potato work as a battery

yes i left my glow it on once too and killed my battery you glow kit works off you battery so if you battery is dead your kit is dead charge battery and you kit will shine once again.

check the fuses in your stereo. i went to hook up a new radio and forgot to disconnect the battery and blew the fuse in the radio itself. That caused the radio to not work and the windows. hope this helps....good luck.

I had the same problem in my 97 LS Coupe. I changed out the antenna and that didn't resolve the problem. I replaced the stereo with an after market stereo and the problem was resolved.

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