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Q: Why do ice cream cones eat humans?
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Can gerbils eat ice cream cones?

No they can not eat ice cream cones because when they eat one, it backs then]m up.

When can you put capitalize They enjoyed the ice cream cones?

they enjoyed the ice cream cones

What did the Charles e menches invent?

Ice cream cones HE INVENTED ice cream cones how you ask.

When and where ice cream cones first served?

in an ice cream shop

Are makers of ice cream cones in SIC 2052?

Makers of ice cream cones are included in SIC 2052

What are ice cream cones made out of?

Ice cream cones are usually made out of wafer, similar to that of a waffle. Cones are also known as a poke or cornet.

What are some names of ice cream cones?

Go to an ice cream shop and find out. One of them is chocolate ice cream :). ^^ Real Helpful... Well some are waffle cones, funtime cones, kiddie kones and even decorated cones..

What are objects that are triangles?

ice cream cone is the easy-est one i know ice cream cones are cones not triangles

What do hamters eat?

Some hamsters eat ice cream cones for grains and a lot of them eat lettuce and carrots but not all of them.

What types of cones are there?

Ice cream cones, mathematical cones, frustums, traffic cones, pine cones...

How much ice cream does an average American eat?

An average American eats about 20 litres of ice cream a year, which fills about 60 ice cream cones. This is also about 0.8 gallon.

How much did ice cream cones cost in 1912?

ice cream cones in 1912 costed around 5 to 10 cents according to what kind you bough and if there was ice cream in them or not

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