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Ice cubes don't sink in water, as the density of an ice cube is less than the density of water.


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They shouldn't, ice cubes should float if they are only ice (water).

They float, as ice is less dense than water.

Most tap water (unless labeled differently) is ok to drink. If you mean water in the sink, the sink must be clean, too, and the water free of contaminants.

no it doesnt because it has lots of mass which makes in sink.

They don't, ice cubes float in water. Unlike most substances the solid form of water is less dense than its liquid form causing it to float.

a stone will sink and a feather would rise

If an object has air in it than no it will not sink in water because air is less dense than water so it will rise in water.

Parrots can either drink water or they can drink any type of juice for example Welches juice and maybe sink water.

Do you mean drink? I'm not to sure if they can, actually I think they'll drink the water they swim in.

Because some ice cubes are cooler than others. The ones that just have that awesomeness, sink.

Yes, I almost always drink sink water and never get sick, although it may vary from place to place.

it will rise it will rise

Ice floats and melts in your drink

Yes.But you will need to add sugar.

Because it is nice, fresh water.

it matters if it lighter or more dense so if you put oil in water together the oil will sink to the bottom and the water will stay at the top

ice cubes, iceburgs. do they float or sink and that might answer your question

If you just want it to cool down? Spill it into the sink. :D Oh... so you can drink it? Ice cubes.

It takes on water to alter its density to greater than that of water, allowing it to sink, pumping the water out reverses the state, allowing it to rise.

Drink more water then you can pour out of the sink.

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