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The laws of kashrut (Jewish dietary laws) specify that in order for land animals to be considered valid food animals, they must have both split hooves and chew their cud. There is a common misconception that Jews consider non-kosher animals to be unclean but this is not correct, it's simply that they're not considered fit for eating. Additionally, animals that qualify as food animals must also be domesticated, this means that wild deer are not kosher while domestic deer are kosher.

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Q: Why do Jewish people eat a certain meat?
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Why can't the Jewish people eat meat?

There is no prohibition against eating meat in Judaism other than certain types of meat aren't allowed.

What shouldn't Jewish people eat?

Jewish people are not supposed to eat certain meat products. The criteria for a kosher animal are split hooves and chewing its own cud. They also do not eat shellfish, or any fish that does not have both fins and scales. Jewish people also do not milk and meat products

Jewish people follow certain rules about food and drink what are they called?

Jewish people keep kosher. They do not eat pork or animal that were killed for meat painfully and slowly (rather then quickly,) they don't eat shellfish, and they don't eat dairy and meat together.

What religion can't eat meat?

None.But there are Religions that cant eat certain kinds of meatMuslim People and Jewish People cannot eat hamHindu People cannot eat meat at all it is against their custom

Do Jewish people eat meat?

Yes, but many Jews will only eat kosher meat.

What did Moorish people eat?

they eat meat but certain kind!

What type of meat do Jewish people eat?

They eat any kind of meat except for pork. However, it MUST be kosher.

Can Lutherans eat meat on Good Friday?

Yes, only the Protestant and the Jewish people that believe that you should not eat meat on Good Friday.

What's the reason why Jews don't eat meat?

Jewish people do eat meat, although the meat of some animals is considered unfit for consumption in accordance with the Torah.

Can Islam Religion People Eat Meat?

They can eat meat. They can eat any type of meat besides pig and certain birds. But, the animals have to be cut a certain way. Since there are two types of Muslims: one can eat no meat at all and the other can eat any type of meat besides pig and certain birds. But, the animals have to be cut a certain way to be eaten by this type I'm talking about.

What kindsof foods must Jewish people not eat at the same time?

Meat and dairy

Why don't Jewish people mix dairy products with meat?

It's considered not kosher to eat meat and dairy together.

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