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The laws of kashrut (Jewish dietary laws) specify that in order for land animals to be considered valid food animals, they must have both split hooves and chew their cud. There is a common misconception that Jews consider non-kosher animals to be unclean but this is not correct, it's simply that they're not considered fit for eating. Additionally, animals that qualify as food animals must also be domesticated, this means that wild deer are not kosher while domestic deer are kosher.

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Q: Why do Jewish people eat a certain meat?
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What shouldn't Jewish people eat?

Jewish people are not supposed to eat certain meat products. The criteria for a kosher animal are split hooves and chewing its own cud. They also do not eat shellfish, or any fish that does not have both fins and scales. Jewish people also do not milk and meat products

Why can't the Jewish people eat meat?

There is no prohibition against eating meat in Judaism other than certain types of meat aren't allowed.

Jewish people follow certain rules about food and drink what are they called?

Jewish people keep kosher. They do not eat pork or animal that were killed for meat painfully and slowly (rather then quickly,) they don't eat shellfish, and they don't eat dairy and meat together.

What did Moorish people eat?

they eat meat but certain kind!

Do Jewish people eat meat?

Yes, but many Jews will only eat kosher meat.

Can Islam Religion People Eat Meat?

They can eat meat. They can eat any type of meat besides pig and certain birds. But, the animals have to be cut a certain way. Since there are two types of Muslims: one can eat no meat at all and the other can eat any type of meat besides pig and certain birds. But, the animals have to be cut a certain way to be eaten by this type I'm talking about.

Can Lutherans eat meat on Good Friday?

Yes, only the Protestant and the Jewish people that believe that you should not eat meat on Good Friday.

What's the reason why Jews don't eat meat?

Jewish people do eat meat, although the meat of some animals is considered unfit for consumption in accordance with the Torah.

What type of meat do Jewish people eat?

They eat any kind of meat except for pork. However, it MUST be kosher.

What religion can't eat meat?

None.But there are Religions that cant eat certain kinds of meatMuslim People and Jewish People cannot eat hamHindu People cannot eat meat at all it is against their custom

Why don't Jewish people mix dairy products with meat?

It's considered not kosher to eat meat and dairy together.

What kindsof foods must Jewish people not eat at the same time?

Meat and dairy

What kind of meat do Jewish people refuse to eat?

Pork is the most common, but religious Jews refuse to eat any meat that does not accord with the requirements of Kashrut.

When do Jewish people eat?

The Jewish religion does not dictate when Jewish people eat. They eat when they are hungry.

Do Jewish people eat pizza?

Yes, but cheese pizza would NT have meat toppings because you don't mix meat and diary.

What meat are the jewish not allowed to eat?

Shellfish and pork.

Can Jewish people eat beef?

Yes, religiously observant Jews would require the meat to be kosher though.

What don't Jewish people eat besides pork?

Jewish people do not eat meat and dairy together, so they wouldn't eat something like a cheeseburger. They do not eat shellfish also.they wont eat of a plate that red meat has been on.they are only aloud to eat grapes unless thay have 1 special acasion i dont no the name of _________ There is no prohibition against eating grapes nor is there an issue using a plate that red meat has been on, so long as that meat was kosher. Jews don't eat any animal that does not chew its cud and have split hooves. Fish have to have scales and fins. No bugs. Bird have to meet certain physical requirements and can't be hunters.

What desert animals only eat meat?

If desert animals eat meat then they are carnivores because they hunt meat I the desert and they hunt in the desert.Carnivores-animals and people eat meatloaf some people don't eat meat then they are vegetarian people that don't like meat and don't eat methinks

Do Jewish people eat ham?

Jewish people who keep Kosher do not eat ham because pork is forbidden by their dietary laws. Jewish people who do not keep Kosher can eat ham.

People that dont eat meat are call?

Vegetarians are people who DON'T eat meat or fish.

What religions can eat meat?

muslim and chinese people can eat meat

How many people eat meat?

about 50% of the world eat meat.

What insects can Jewish people eat?

Jewish people are not allowed to eat insects due to their religion. Jewish people can only eat kosher food, meaning the food has to follow certain requirements and insects do not follow those requirements. There is one exception to this in that there are certain varieties of locust which may be eaten (Leviticus ch.11). However, due to the rarity of these types of locusts outside of desert regions, only the Yemenite Jewish community retained the traditional knowledge to distinguish between acceptable locusts and forbidden ones.

Why can't Jewish people eat pork or shellfish?

The kosher dietary laws don't allow it, along with not mixing meat with dairy.