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Why do joints crack?

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Joints crack due to loss of protein,iron and iodine. mostly when we do not get enough nutrients essential to our body. eating fish bones and drinking milk daily can cure this. Old people get this joint cracking a lot.

but sometimes when we these problems some times cannot get cured because it was too much.

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Why do ankles crack when you walk?

"Cracking joints" are an interesting and poorly understood phenomenon. There are many theories as to why joints crack or pop, but the exact cause is simply not known.

Why do all my joints crack?

gases in the synovial fluid inside your joints burst like a bubble causing that sound.

Why do your joints crack all the time?

because youre messed up

How not to get arthritis?

Don't crack your joints and don't work too hard

What is the relationship between faults and joints?

A joint is a crack in rock; a fault is a crack in rock along which the rocks have been displaced.

When you crack your fingers do pieces of bone fall off?

No. Your knuckles crack because of gas bubbles formed in the joints under pressure.

Why does sidewalks have seams joints?

Smaller pieces of concrete tend to crack less.

Is cracking your tongue heathly?

You do not have joints in your tongue so you cannot crack or pop it

What cause the popping sound when people crack their knuckles and other joints?

Bubbles of Gas

Why do your joints ache and crack?

articular surfaces of bone rub against each other

Why do your knees crack when you bend over?

It is simply the air in your joints shifting around as you move

Why is it important that skull joints cant move?

So, You will not crack your head or damage your brain.

What are you actually doing when you crack your knuckles?

popping air bubbles trapped in your joints. Forcing so joint to crack however can cause problems later in life

When you crack your knuckles or neck what is it that cracks?

Your joints are releasing the synovial fluid and makes a cracking noise.

Is it safe to crack your knuckles?

It is safe if you do it once or twice, but it is actually bad for your joints, so don't do it.

Why do your knees crack every time you bend?

its kind of like when you crack your knuckles, cartilage in your knees under pressure against other cartilage and your weight may make them crack , may have gassy joints even

What is the noise your bones make when you crack it air pockets?

Actually it is air being released into the joints.

Why is it bad to crack your joints?

It is a common myth that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis, but it is not true. It is, however, annoying!!

Why do bones bend but not crack?

Bones do not bend directly, they bend at the joints (points at which two bones meet).

Is always being able to crack joints bad?

No it is not bad at all. The cracking noise comes from a gas bubble in your joint. I have always cracked my joints for as long as I can remember and they always feel better after I crack them. To some people it is gross, but 25% of the United States have a habit of doing it.

How is cracking your joints unhealthy?

My joints have cracked for years. Usually feels good when I crack them. As I age, more joints are cracking. Its getting a bit ridiculous. So far on the web, consensus seems to be that without pain, there's no real problem; but don't crack your fingers constantly.I find taking chondroitin glucosamine MSM helps me not constant crack my lower back, neck, and ankles that was starting to worry me. i'd like to figure out if its ok for long term use...

What does cracking your fingers do?

i was told that there are little bubbles in between your joints and that when you crack your knuckles it just pops them, and will not lead to arthritis

Is it bad to crack your neck?

yes, and no. I always crack my neck, and I'm just fine. However, many people say that its bad for your joints and neck ligaments. If your neck is feeling stiff it'll making you want to crack it; which loosens your ligaments and makes you feel better for a while. But then it'll just tighten up again; its a cycle, and it wears down ur joints and ligaments. Or so they say.

Why do your joints crack?

Two reasons, too much phosphorous in the weed or im not sureThis happens to me and my doctor says there are airbubbles in between the joints. The cracking is you're bones moving (popping the bubble).

What happens if you crack your joints?

Bits of cartilage are torn away every time you crack a joint. When you feel like you need to crack a part of your body you often dont crack the right place. The only reason you feel good is because there is a chemical release in the body that tells your brain "that feels good." the effects of cracking joints are injury of the ligaments surrounding the joint or dislocation of the tendons ( attachments of muscles to bones) which improved with conservative treatment. also studies have been shown that people who crack their knuckles have reduced grip strength than people who dont.