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Why do kids outgrow die-cast cars?

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βˆ™ 2008-05-12 00:38:37

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My personal opinion is that kids are embarrassed or made fun of by friends. I am 12 and still collect die-cast cars. Don't let peer-pressure make you stop collecting cars it is something to be proud of someday.

2008-05-12 00:38:37
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Where can you buy diecast model cars?

Looking to buy Diecast model cars? Value Diecast is a great place to start. Here there is a wide variety of Diecast models. One of their best selling model cars is the 1934 Texaco T-23 GMC Tanker and.

Where can one purchase diecast cars?

A diecast car can be found online through websites such as eBay. There are also diecast cars that are available through local hobby shops and toy retailers.

Is there a market for diecast cars?


Are diecast cars remote controlled?


What is hotwheels?

a company that sells diecast cars

Where can you get custom made diecast cars?

Where can you get a Pixar cars wingo diecast?


Did BP traded petrol vouchers for diecast corgi cars in 1985?

did bp trade petrol vouchers for diecast corgi cars and trucks in 1985.

What are diecast cars worth?

Depends on age and driver.

Where can you buy diecast police cars?

You can buy diecast police cars at specialty online retailers such as and They can also be purchased through eBay, ToysRUs, or Amazon.

Where can one find Jimmie Johnson Diecast cars?

One can find Jimmie Johnson Diecast cars from the official NASCAR website. Alternatively, one can visit a NASCAR location in-person to view these types of cars.

Are the diecast Disney cars valuable?

it depends there condition and what car are they

Are there any Walmart's that sell Nascar diecast cars?


Where can one purchase diecast Disney Pixar cars?

Diecast Disney Pixar cars can be purchased through collectors or at flea markets. For other options on newer model cars check toy stores, specialty shops and Walmart.

Are diecast cars toys safe for toddlers?

Diecast cars are safe for toddlers and other children. You can buy them at any toy store, Wal-Mart and several different websites, including

Where could one obtain Disney Cars in diecast metal?

Diecast metal cars from Disney's movie Cars are readily available on eBay, sold individually or in sets. They are also sold on the Disney Store website, or through their retail store.

Will JCPenney get Disney Cars diecast toys?

possibly in Christmas time

Must you keep the matchbox diecast cars in the blister packaging?


Where might one find a good selection of Nascar diecast cars?

The best place you can find a good selection of Nascar diecast cars is on the official nascar store. You can go on google and type in "nascar store diecast" and click the first link. Another place would be EBay.

Toys Diecast: Collecting Replica Models?

Diecast models are extremely popular among adults and kids of all ages. The truth is, there is no age limit when it comes to loving cars, aircraft, and other machinery. By collecting toys diecast, kids will develop an interest in realistic automobiles, airplanes, helicopters, boats, military vehicles, and more. The diecast metallic models are stunning mini replicas of real vehicles. When collecting diecast toys, kids will learn the virtue of cherishing and maintaining objects that seem very valuable to them. While being fun, such a passion can also set a child into a bright future in different careers such as automotive and military industries.

Is 1 18 diecast cars a prestige hobby?

Collecting 1:18 scale diecast cars is a prestige hobby. Especially, if you collect older, rare models. Some people collect muscle cars, race cars, monster trucks, motorcycles, and even aircraft.

What is the value of any Dale Earnhardt Jr. diecast cars?

The value of Dale Earnhardt Jr. diecast cars vary depending on condition and rarity. The values vary between $50 and $200 and up.

When was the first diecast toy vehicles created?

The first diecast toy vehicles were created in the year of 1915. Some diecast toy cars include: Hot Wheels, Autoart, Maisto, Johnny Lightning, Ricko, and Shelby Collectibles.

How come most teenage boys outgrow toy cars?

Well if this is a fun question you are in for a big shock. Many kids can fall in love with cars when they are growing up and when older some have made a career out of designing cars for public use and some men collect antique cars, while others build miniature cars and display them. Many do not outgrow the toy cars, they just put them away for a while since they have a real car. Later on in life, many collect die cast cars, build model cars and go to model car shows like NNL East.

How many Nascar diecast model cars are sold each year?

2 million