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Why do liberals support America's defeat in Iraq?


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Because they hate America, of course! (Stupid Question = Stupid Answer)

Actually, not too stupid

What they really hate is the fact that there is a Republican President usurping their natural right to be in charge. If the US loses "Bush's War" they are sure they will regain control so they will do whatever they can to undermine the ability of the troops to succeed.

Liberals do not support the war because

1. It was completely unnessacary

2. It was not in the best interest of America

3. Saddam Hussein did not make any military action against the US

4. The reports of WMDs were not totaly confirmed to begin with

5. It had nothing to do to fight Terrorism

6. It gave Bush a reason to extend the Patriot Act(an unconstitutional law)

7. After the Hussein Regime was diposed, there was an unnessacary 5 year occupation.

Shall i continue?