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You are hearing on of the harmonics. Most dimmers are triac based, and simply turn on at a certain point in the AC wave. This sharp change in voltage induces noise into the system, often causeing the filiments of lights to resonate at certain settings. You are hearing something resonating at a harmonic because of a cheap dimmer.

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What is the standard height for an electrical switch?

In the USA there are no specific height requirements for switches based on electrical codes 48" above the floor is common. Switches used for unusual items (not lighting) are often mounted higher than the lighting switches, such as the boiler shutoff. If ADA applies to that occupancy there may be a lower height requirement because of potential wheelchair use.

What do electrical contractors do?

Electrical contractors are responsible for providing the electrical items on a construction project.These include lighting fixtures, panels and switchgear. Also switches and receptacles that power cord-connected electrical appliances, andthe elaborate system of wiring that makes it all operate.

What kinds of switches are used in electrical circuits?

Spdt,dpdt,relay,and reed switches are the most common in electrical circuits

How is light switches regulated?

By the lighting load it carries, in amps.

What is different between electronics and electrical?

Electronics involves the behaviors of various components and their interactions to make a desired device or system (e.g. radio, TV, computer...).Electrical involves just power wiring, switches, outlets, lighting, etc.

Difference between electro mechanical switching system and electronic switching system?

The most common electrical switches are mechanical switches, which make or break an electrical contact when some force, either manual or magnetic, is applied to move the switch to an on or off position. Toggle switches have a lever which is pushed or pulled, like the common light switch. Power windows and locks in automobiles use rocker switches, which rock back and forth when pressed. Keyboard switches are found on computers, washers, stoves and other devices with push controls.Electronic switches are electrical switches which do not have mechanical contacts, but use semiconductor devices. These switches apply electrical control signals to terminals on the switch which opens and closes the contacts. Touch plate devices, soft-touch controls and motion detector switches are frequently electronic. Some electronic safety switches mounted on food processing equipment use radio frequencies which will interrupt the power when a safety door is opened. Electronic switches are available in a vast range of configurations such as toggle, rocker, push button, rotary, slide, and reed and relay switches.

What are 2 gang switches?

A gang switch is an electrical box that contains two or more switches or outlets. Gang switches are very common in public facilities such as schools and hospitals. A two gang switch would be two switches operating different fixtures sharing the same electrical box.

What are examples of electrical loads in the kitchen that convert electrical energy to light energy?

light bulbs switches

How many switches are there in electrical?

There are hundreds of type of switches. In residential homes there is basically 4 types of switches used. Single Pole, 3/Way, 4/Way (intermediate), or various types of dimmer switches.

What do you use mercury for?

Thermometers, Barometers, filling for teeth, electrical switches.

Are electrical switches and 'plugs' made out of bakelite?

yes, it is.

What kind of electrical switches are used in Europe?

The electrical switches used in Europe contain a widely spaced, two-pronged interface. Universal adapters can be found in a variety or retail stores such as Walmart or Staples.

What are the three types of wires which are used for most homes and farms?

12 gauge wire is normally used for homes and farms for lighting and receptacles. The wire colors are black, white and green. Red wires are sometimes used in wiring switches. Larger gauge wires are used for electrical ranges, furnances, dryers, hot water heaters and air conditioners.

Why would receptacles have low voltage and the light switches no voltage on the same circuit?

lighting is usually on 15A breakers receptacles on 20A the probability is high that they are not on the same circuit. if they are the same circuit the probability is high that there hasn't been an electrical inspection

What is an important step in the fueling process of a boat?

An important step when refueling a boat is ensuring electrical switches are off.

Why sparking in electrical switches?

If you get sparking in an electrical switch there is a loose connection or short in the circuit. The switch should be repaired or replaced.

What are three uses for mercury?

Electrical switches, thermometers, fluorescent light bulbs.

Why would the front passenger seat in a Lexus LS not be moving forward and backward?

I would guess that something might be jammed in the tracks or it is an electrical issue. Sometimes the connections to the switches are bad, sometimes the switch itself is bad, and sometimes the moter is burned out. Listen to hear if the motor is running, if so, check the track and see if it is jammed. If you don't hear anything you have some electrical tracking to do. VBD

How will be the therml conductivity and melting pointin Electrical contact materials used in switches brushes and relays must possess?

How will be the therml conductivity and melting pointin Electrical contact materials used in switches brushes and relays must possess

Is there a recessed lighting fixture you can put a heat light bulb in?

Yes. They are well insulated and have thermal cutoff switches.

I have 2 three way switches in my basement stair well and the light doesn't come on I checked the breaker i tested the switches for continuity and loose neutral and even tested the lighting fixture?

Did you check the lamp?

Why are switches useful in a circuit?

switches are important because they could break the circuit if too much current is being used ,whch could cause an electrical fire

Why neutral conductor are used for lighting loads?

single pole switches to turn em on and off neutral to all the lights

What are the different electrical symbols?

In electrical engineering there are many types of symbols used to notate devices. These include symbols for polarity, switches, diodes, and batteries.

What is electro-mechanics means?

Electromechanics combines the sciences of electromagnetism of electrical engineering and mechanics.Electromechanical devices are those that combine electrical and mechanical parts. These include electric motors, loudspeakers, some fire alarms and mechanical devices powered by them, such as calculators and adding machines; switches, solenoids, relays, crossbar switches and stepping switches.

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