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The lights are dimming because the circuit is overloaded. A microwave and dryer each requires a dedicated circuit. They pull lots of energy. Why sparks are coming out of a cable TV wire is a mystery. Undoubtedly the coax wire is shorted to a power wire somewhere. TV cable wires carry no current. This is serious, call an electrican. another possibility for sparks coming out of the tv cable is that some how the antenna coax connector on the set has become "hot" ... i have seen this happen after an attempted repair of that unit ... quite often those connectors are not mechanically secure and get wrung off while trying to connect or disconnect the coax cable . heh ... how may times have i heard the customer say; "i forgot the cable was connected ..." !

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Q: Why do lights dim and TV shut off when dryer or microwave is turned on and why are sparks coming out of a cable TV wire which is hot to touch?
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