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liver cell has many function included metaolism . Metabolism require enery .

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How many mitochondria does an average human liver contain?


How many mitochondria are in one typical animal cell?

The number of mitochondria varies depending on the type of cell. They are most abundant in liver cells with about 1000 to 2000 mitochondria per cell.There are about 50 -100 per cell

A muscle cell would contain a large number of which organelles?

They contain many mitochondria organelles.

Why does a muscle cell contain many mitochondria?

to serve their high demand for ATP

How many mitochondria does an average human muscle contain?

Muscle contains around 750-1000 mitochondria per cell.

Which cell with contain more Mitochondria skin or so muscles?

Muscles have many mitochondria. It needs much energy for contractions

How many mitochondria does a skin cell have?

Cells that require the most energy contain the most energy generating mitochondria. The cells of the brain, the skeletal muscle and heart muscle, and the eye contain the highest number of mitochondria (as many as 10,000 per cell) while the skin cells, which do not require much energy, contain only a few hundred of them.

How do you destroy the mitochondria in the cell?

The only way to kill the mitochondria in the cell is.... die. Life's processes are fueled by the energy that the mitochondria produce with the molecules that are taken in whether be plant or animal. Animal cells may contain more than one mitochondria for each cell. There can be as many as 20 individual mitochondria housed in a single cell.

Why do muscles contain many mioochondria?

Muscles need ATP to contract. Mitochondria produce most of the ATP in the cell, so there are lots of mitochondria in muscle.

Why would a cell that moves by cilia or flagella contain many mitochondria?

Propelling of cilia or flagella need much energy. This energy is produced by mitochondria.

Why do liver cells contain so many mitochondria?

Liver cells are the site of the most catabolic and anabolic reactions, with glycolysis, glycogenesis, gluconeogenesis occuring throughout the day. The majority of these processes are carried out by enzymes of the mitochondria and a higher number means larger reaction rate. So, the liver cells have many mitochondria to cope up with the reaction burden and also to provide energy for anabolic processes.

What is the function of mitochondria in the liver?

Mitochondria have a general function in many cells.That is generating energy.

Why does a muscle cell contain many mitochondria and a white blood cell contain many lysosomes?

Muscle cells contain more mitochondria than other cells because they need more ATP to function as they do lots more work than other cells. White blood cells contain lots of lysosomes to digest foreign bodies and stop them causing disease.

What type of cell would have many mitochondria as opposed to few mitochondria?

A muscle cell.

How many mitochondria are in a cell?


Why do so many cells contain many mitochondria?

Just an outline of mitochondria: Cells contain many mitochondria because mitochondria produces ATP,(adenosine triphosphate) which is a type of energy which is needed for cells to work, move about and do the function that they are meant to.

How many Mitochondria are in the cell?


How many mitochondria are in a muscle cell?

There are more mitochondria in a muscle cell than in any other cells, although it is never certain how many there are in a single cell.

What has mitochondria?

Every living thing has Mitochondria.-Chloe Salom Many eukaryotic cells contain mitochondria. Prokaryotic cells do not.

Would you expect a muscle cell to have many or few mitochondria?

You would expect to find many mitochondria in a muscle cell. This is because the mitochondria makes the energy fo a cell, and muscle cells need alot of energy to do their job. The more energy a cell needs to do its job, the more mitochondria it has.

A cell that requires a large amount of energy would contain many?

A cell that requires a large amount of energy would contain large numbers of mitochondria. A mitochondrion is a membrane-bound organelle that can be found in most eukaryotic cells.

How many mitochondria are there per cell?

Mitochondria is the organelles that break down food molecules so that the cell has the energy to live. Depending on the job the cell has, its the amount of mitochondria it carries. The more energy the cell needs to surivive, the more mitochondria it has. A single human cell can carry up to several thousands of mitochondria. Benjamin2010

How many mitochondria are in muscle cells?

There is no exact number.But they contain many.

How many mitochondria are in a skin cell?

I have no clue

Which type of cell would be more likely to have many mitochondria fat cell or muscle cell?

A high energy demanding cell would have more mitochondria, which would be the muscle cell.