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Honestly, they don't. A question that general is like asking "Why do humans hate mushrooms?"... the answer is - they don't. Some humans don't like mushrooms, just like some lizards don't like egg shells. If you have a species that would benefit from the extra calcium in the raw shell try crushing it up really well, and then add it to his regular diet.


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Q: Why do lizards hate egg shells?
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Why does lizards hate empty egg shells?

Because there is nothing inside to eat.

What do lizards hate?

lizards hate ants and mice

How do you get rid of lizards around the house?

hey they , i just looked on the web and saw that empty egg shells work

What is the difference between turtles and lizards?

Turtles have shells ,and Lizards don't??

Are lizards born in water?

No. Lizards hatch from eggs, which have soft dry shells.

What do egg shells and sea shells have in common?

you dont go to the sea shore to buy egg shells

Can egg shells disintigrate in vinegar?

yes egg shells can disintegrate in vinegar.

What sent the lizards scurrying all over the place from holes?

The lizards live in these holes and Mr.Sir left sunflower seed shells in these holes and the lizards eat these shells for food.

Can a toddler eat egg shells?

A toddler should not be allowed to eat egg shells as the shells will scratch the throat.

How can egg shells help in the growth of plants?

egg shells neutralize acidic soil Crushed egg shells help keep slugs and snails at bay.

Why can egg shells can be used as pesticides?

There is no scientific reason that egg shells can be used as a pesticide.

Are lizards born in an egg?

Yes lizards are born in eggs.

Do turtles eat egg shells?

no no Yes, sometimes a turtle will eat egg shells for calcium.

Where do you put a lizards egg?

it depends on what kind of egg it is

How does liquids affect egg shells?

Liquids such as cola and orange juice affect egg shells by weakening the shell. The acids found in cola and orange juice when combined with the calcium carbonate found in the egg shells result in the egg shells becoming softer.

What color do lizards hate?


What is the ecological importance of lizards?

Lizards are very important by controlling the population of Insects my friends don't hate lizards

How do you make calcium from egg shells?

for gardening are boiled shells as good as raw shells?

What is the difference between tortoise and lizard?

turtles have beaks and lizards have teeth and lizards do not have shells and a lot more diffrencec about them

Are egg shells biodegradable?

Yes, the egg shells are biodegradable. The egg shell is made up of calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and calcium phosphate.

Do lizards hate light?

I don't think lizards hate light. After all, as a cold blooded reptile, lizards enjoy being in the sun for short periods. However, they do like dark places to sleep.

What do you feed chickens to make their egg shells harder?

You can feed chickens layer feed to make their egg shells harder. You can also feed them scraps and oyster shells.

What do you get when you cross a egg and a singing hen?

Egg shells // A rooster.

How are teeth and egg shells alike?

teeth and egg shells are alike because both o then are made of calcium salts:)

Will putting egg shells down your disposal affect your septic tank?

Yes. It'll have crushed egg shells in it as a result.