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Male cats eat kitten brains because the male when in mating season will have a craving for more nutrients then nessesary and if a male comes across a female in heat after giving birth to a litter the male will then proceed to devour the kittens and then eat the brains as a way of getting more nutrients to elevate his testostoron levels

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Male cats have been known to kill newborn kittens, but not eat the brain. He is a Zombie!!

They do not eat kittens.

You have to put up the mama cats food up when the cat isn't eating it and when she needs to eat lock your male kitten in the bathroom or hold him.

Male cats have been known to kill and eat kittens.

Under normal circumstances cats do not eat human brains, largely due to their inaccessibility inside the skull...on the other hand, if they are zombie cats.... Ha ha

No cats eat bunnies unless you got a kitten and a bunnie.

Yes. Sometimes, if the baby kitten is sick or injured, the mother cat will kill and/or eat the kitten to keep it from feeling pain. There could also be instances, such as my own cats, where the neighbor cats kill them and could eat them for a territorial purpose. As well as males kill male youth because of competition and they also kill the young they sense problems with.

If a kitten is born dead, the mother cat will eat it.

Maybe a very small kitten, but generaly not. However, cats will try to eat the baby hawks.

It might have been because the cat was stressed or the kitten was threatening the mother cats health.

Human brains, flesh, or male genitalia.

No..Cats will kill corn corn snakes, although the corn snake could possibly eat a tiny kitten.

Kitten = Milk Cat = Fish (Raw or cooked) Overgrown = Don't Eat

If the panther is hungry, or it feels threatened by the cat or kitten, it could.

dogs can eat cats if not eat them hurt them like chewing on them. but you can train it to act friendly and be nice to the cat.

Yes, adult cats can indeed eat kitten food. However, kittens need more nutrients than adult cats, because they are always growing and developing. Kitten food will usually have higher protein and fat levels than adult food, so if an adult is fed kitten food it may become overweight. Once a kitten is one year of age it is considered an adult, so this is the best time to switch it over to adult food.

I'm sure they do. My cat ate an entire rat. She did eat a chipmunk and threw up the brains.

yes or the worm will eat the babies brains

Not really, they eat kitten food, you can buy it at vet centers or at the average supermaarket... :D

People can eat monkey brains. But, generally, no. People don't eat monkey brains.

Yes dogs can eat cats and if not eat them hurt them like chewing on them but you can train a dog not to eat cats. I have a shtzu X, and she loves cats, but doesn't know how to play gently with them . I have to keep telling her, it's a baby, be gentle. If your dog doesn't go after cats, just don't let them play unsupervised, and keep petting the kitten and saying " IT's a BABY! , be gentle."

They eat, drink and shelter in places like trees and bushes unless they are house cats.

yes, they would eat ostrig brains

eat brains. and flesh.

Mother cats are known to eat their kittens if they are frightened, feel threatened or if something is wrong with the kitten. However, it is uncommon for a healthy mother cat to kill her own offspring.Another AnswerGenerally, no they do not. Tom (male) cats may sometimes kill kittens that are not their own offspring to cause the female to come back into heat. This insures that his genes are passed down to another generation. This is seen more in wild cats, and not domestic pets.

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