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Why do many people hate the Jews?


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October 06, 2012 8:49PM

Answer 1

They think that Jews are strange and different. The haters need to get a life.

Answer 2

They are God's chosen people but they rejected Christ I'm sure this is most of it

Answer 3

Today, many people have learned how to encounter someone completely different and not automatically hate them. We've learned to agree to disagree, just as we do here onsite. You may see a Laotian Buddhist (for example) walking down the street, and your attitude (if you're a good citizen) will range from neutral to openly friendly. People were perfectly capable of behaving decently in the past, had they chosen to. But those who hate, or hated, allowed themselves the fallacies of xenophobia and of despising the downtrodden; and any reasons are excuses.