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The majority of persons learn life skills good or bad in the environment in which they were raised. On the other hand what appears to be an unfit or unsuitable home to some is actually their comparison of methods of housekeeping, meal preparation, child rearing and so forth to their own personal standards which may or may not be the "norm". An alternate view is that if the woman shares the home with a husband, then they are bothresponsible for the running of the household. This is especially true if she works, or if there are several children. If the children are well taken care of, the housework can wait.

If one believes children are being abused or neglected they should bring it to the immediate attention of the proper authorities, such as the state's department of family and human services. However, the issue of parents not keeping a home in acceptable shape based on the personal assessment of a relative, neighbor, etc. is not necessarily a basis for an investigation. The legal definition of neglect is that which constitutes endangerment or harm to a child either physically or emotionally, the definition of abuse should be obvious.

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Q: Why do many young married women today leave off their cooking and housekeeping duties to the point their children have to grow up in what amounts to a garbage dump eating only junk food for nutrition?
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