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Why do mares nipples swell when not pregnant?


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The same as your own nipples: she likes to be petted there!

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It depends, you could be pregnant.

your nipples often swell up when you are cold, and often tickling them helps

Yes, they have nipples just like humans do, pregnant or not. But the nipples get larger when they are pregnant.

yes, but usually you breasts get hard as the mammary glands swell joymaker rn

Yes. yes but only on mares/girls

what would cause my female jack russells nipples to swell she "s bein treated for heart worms would that have something to do with it.

The most obvious answer would be because it is a pregnant bitch. If she is not pregnant, she could have recently had a heat cycle or be nearing the period when she is in heat. Her hormones make the nipples protrude and swell more than normal, changing their shape, hardness, and texture slightly.

No...not all mares wax before foaling.

When I was pregnant with my son my nipples got darker.

haha...wierd pretty positive they have 2

Yes, during the later part of pregnancy they will swell and become slightly red.

Your breasts swell. The nipples itch or hurt. There will also be a leaking of a fluid from the nipples, not always resembling milk.

Well, your nipples swell when you get aroused or cold. But apart from that, there is no permanent way to increase the size of your nipples.

When I got pregnant I had sore nipples but no flu like symptoms. Now I have the flu/cold and my nipples are sore (im not pregnant).

Nipples become darker when pregnant

The number one sign is that she will start to swell in her private area and her nipples may also swell a little.

Yes it can. All dogs have nipples, even the males.

no, it doesnt mean she is pregnant. A male and female cats both have nipples. The females use theirs if they ever get pregnant. It is a storage area for milk for when she is pregnant.

The leading stallion will breed with the mares

Mares used for breeding are called Broodmares...if they are pregnant they are referred to as "in foal".

No my dog had milk in her nipple but she was not pregnant it was a fake pregnant

During pregnancy, a female dog's mammary glands will begin to swell. According to, her nipples also start to turn red. Prior to delivering her babies, a female dog's teats will start to produce milk.

Get pregnant or go out in the snow and rub a snow ball on your nipples

The nipples get larger so as to better suckle the baby.

maybe it might be a symbol that you have milk in your nipples but sometimes you have white you might not have some white on your nipples but some people don't it could be possible to have white if your pregnant

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