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Ithinkmen quit paying attention to their wive's, and they then lookelsewhere for that attention. Rather than talkabout it they would rather create a newexciting life outside the marriage becauseof the discourse that has been brewing and not discussed. If you don't get it at home, get it somewhere else...... i think married women cheat on their husbands because they do not love their husbands anymore and r going 2 dump them sooner or later. I think that they might think some one out in this world is better than their husband that they r cheating on. That is my guess For the same reasons men cheat. For excitement, for passion, to regain their youth, boredom, tired of being taken for granted, someone new has given them something they are missing at home, someone is listening to them, is nice to them, is giving them attention, etc. It could be for so many things.

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Q: Why do married women cheat on their husbands?
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What percent of women cheat on their husbands?

14% of married women cheat on their husbands, compared to 22% of husbands that cheat on their wives.

What do married women refuse to do?

Cheat on their husbands, we hope.

Do married women cheat with other women?

Some married women probably have cheated on their husbands with other women, but not all women. The reason why they might do this is because maybe they are secretively lesbian and got married to cover up for it, or while being married to a man they have realized that they are lesbian. There could be lots of reasons for why some women cheat with other women.

Why do guys cheat with married women?

Cheaters will cheat with whomever will give them a response. So, if you cheat with them, they will do so. If someone does not respect their marital vows, I would not waste time with them. Women who lie to their husbands-will lie to others.

What percentage of women remain married to their cheating husbands?

There are no correct statistics to how many women remain married to cheating husbands for these reasons:Some women don't know their husbands are cheatingSome women will put up with a cheating husband and generally does not mention it to friends or familyThe two could have come to an amicable agreement where they both cheat

Did women cheat on their husbands in World War 2?

Possibly many did when husbands were away for years at a time.

How often do husbands cheat?

Not all husbands cheat. Cheating depends on the individual husband. Some husbands may being having an affair with one woman only while some men may have a harem of women they are seeing. Cheating husbands will cheat until they get caught.

How did women select their husbands in the 1800s?

Women didn't select husbands, Men selected wives. Back then women were only married so they could cook, have children, and clean for their husbands.

How many Chinese married women cheat on their husbands?

According to a survey done by the University of Chicago, 3.9% admitted to cheating. That's just the ones who admitted it.

When tudor women got married who were they expected to obey?

Their husbands

In the 1800s women lost their independence to their husbands when they married?


Will men who cheat with married women cheat when they get married?

Most likely, once a cheater, always a cheater.

Which year did married women get right to divorce husbands in UK?


What percentage of married women buy cars without their husbands?


How many Russian women have french husbands?

Too many. However, Russian women (especially beautiful ones) cheat much more, and that's a huge shame for those kind of women. Many Russian men just want to "revenge" for their unfaithful women, so they cheat too. Trust me, Russian women are among the most beautiful in the world, but you cannot trust them because they love to cheat (not all of them, but many Russian women do cheat their husbands).

2 things women did during world war 1?

cheat on their husbands that were fighting and get jobs

Why do men cheat with their wife best friend?

Men and women have sexual desires. Most can control their desires after they get married. Some cannot. There are married women who cheat, just as there are married men who cheat. Cheating is the exception. Most married people are faithful to their mate.

Who were Tudor women expected to obey when they got married?

their husbands, their husbands could do anthing to them basically and if they were not to obey they would be beaten.

What religion can women have multiple husbands?

No God religion (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) allows a woman to be married with multiple husbands.

Why do married women play under the table footsies with other guys?

Married women may do that if they arnt pretty much satisfied by their husbands.

What is the percentage of housewives that cheat on their husbands?

According to Infidelity Statistics found at the link below, 22% of married men have strayed at least once in their married lives, and 14% of married women have had affairs during theirs.

How many married women leave their husbands for their lover?

At least one, mine did.

Why were married women not allowed to own property?

well, women weren't allowed to own property cuz their husbands don't let them. they thought if a women was married, they were controlled by their husband.

Where married women able to buy sell and will property in 1892?

No. women had no rights and any property they had was essentially their husbands.

Why do some married women prefer married men?

If speaking of cheating specifically: They want what they can't have. Married men are able to appreciate the woman for herself and not have any obligations. Being married themselves, the men can properly credit the woman in this respect. The women don't have to deal with all the things that the men have to do in their other life. Over-literally: Or, because some women love their husbands (whom are married to them), and don't wish to cheat.