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Why do married women love guys like you?

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Sometimes men and women love each other and get married.. Sometimes men like men and maybe get married I have heard a story like that from my friend.. Sometimes women like women and get married.. So its true people do like other people.. Sometimes people have enimies.. Men and men get married when the like like / love each other.. Women and women get married when they like like / love eachother.. People love other people and people like other people

Nope i mean not all women.. There are still short/small guys that got married with the love of their life.. At the end, height is not the measurement of how you love your partner.

Because guys don't have any other curves to love. :(

Most women would not go for a guy with acne, but, if they are in love, anything is possible!

I love it when women do that. It is one of my all time favorite things.

lil Wayne is way far from gay as possible , he has friends who happen to be guys but he defenetly love women lil Wayne is way far from gay as possible , he has friends who happen to be guys but he defenetly love women

Most people want what they know they can't/shouldn't have. Guys who are available, are less appealing than guys who are married because the adrenaline is a rush when you are trying to sneak around behind the spouses back. :)

why is love like war love is like war cuz some people like the guys u like nd the guys like u and the is a war love war

Empirical evidence shows that girls do, in fact, like players, especially when they know specifically that the guy is a player. Women love men who have other women, and the more women they have, the more women will love him, because it makes him desirable. Yes, women will deny this. Yes, it's true.

it depends strongly on the women. usually it's attention, love, and/or happyness. but like i said, it depends on the women. Women look for a lot of things. Guys that are independent and ready to move on. Guys that are respectful and respect the girls choices they make. Guys that know how to lead a relationship. A guy that will make a women happy. This is an endless thing.

That's like asking why guys like cars a football. Not all girls do like them and others could care less.

Because the guys get turned on by waching it!

Im a girl, && I love watching guys make out. Mostly if they are hot emos(: It turns me on. I get sooooo horny. You go girl.

sex, strong guys, cute guys, and love

well, guys love the girls. some guys "if not married" they are not fully taken. they date alot of girls until they find the one. once they have found the one, they marry them.

wow i am very sorry she must be the type of women that likes married men i hope you find i women that really loves you.

They were typically forced to by their fathers. They also could have married for power or status, much like women today.

Because some women are attractive

ppl love seeing women in pantyhose cause its more attraction and it gets more of a guys attention

Yes, Mexican heritage related men would love all women, I'm sure.

I think it's because they like feeling wanted. They like to know that the guy finds them attractive, maybe they think if they spend enough time with them, they will love them too.

The natural function of man/men is/are to make the first move and withdraw, and naturally women obey the law of reciprocal+Geometric Progression. Thus make men or guys to love with there heads and women or girls to love with there hearts.

Yes, some women can fall in love with a married man, but once there was a code among women that if a man was married it was 'hands off!' A mistress does not fair well if she decides to have an affair with a married man and the wife generally wins out.

Guys use love to get sex and Girls use sex to get love!