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They might just be calling you because they want to hear your voice and it doesn't necessarily mean they have a problem. Women are the phone gabbers, and most men really don't like talking on the phone anymore than they have too. Some men are "phone conscious" meaning they really detest using that phone and can feel awkward. Shyness certainly can be part of the problem. If you know for sure he has a problem then he's just feeling awkward about it. Men have been brought up for hundreds of years under they myth that they should remain full of strength, show no weakness and never cry. This, of course is not true. A man showing his real feelings or even crying when sad or hurt is not a sign of weakness at all, but a sign they are simply a human being with feelings. So, one part of men still have that problem of discussing a problem they may have. They don't even usually tell their best buddies. Take it slow and easy and help him over this. Tell him you could meet somewhere and go for a walk, sit in your favorite coffee shop and ask him right out what is the problem and you'd like to help as much as you can. Sometimes just listening to the person get it off their chest is enough to help. Teach him how to communicate his feelings.

2006-09-08 18:18:21
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Q: Why do men call women when they don't say anything and is it because they are too shy to strike up a conversation?
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