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Guilt is the reason behind this.

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Q: Why do men divorce you after having an affair but still want to hang on to you by constantly calling you?
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What are opinions about if Kate Gosselin is having an affair?

I think Kate Gosselin is not having an affair, but that Jon was. They have now filed for divorce.

Did Tim Chapman get a divorce?

His wife Davina was having an affair

Is Bianca in eastenders having an affair?

No she is not having an affair. The person she has been calling is actually her husband Ricky. They are using role play.

Why did Fred hammond and kim divorce after 20 years?

They got a divorce because he was having an affair with another woman.

Why did miley cyrus's parents divorce?

They did because her mom was having an affair with Bret Micheals.

If your getting a divorce and you know your husband is impotent and then all of a sudden you find his levitra prescription do you think he is having an affair?

Maybe he is just trying to get the feeling back because of his alleged impotence. If you were getting a divorce in the first place why are you worry about his having an affair?

Can an emotional affair be considered grounds for divorce?

Yes and with a good lawyer and some proof or witnesses a person could have grounds for their partner having an emotional affair.

Why did Kris and Robert Kardashian divorce?

Kris was having an affair with Todd Waterman and Robert found out and subsequently divorced her.

Why is Angela Hewett filing for a divorce from Howard Hewett?

Because he was having an affair with a fan named Brenda in Oakland.

Can you sue your spouse for having an affair?

There is no need to sue your spouse, but you do have the right to file for divorce and in some states half of what he owns will go to you if you have the right lawyer. The person your spouse is having the affair with can be named as to the reason you are applying for a divorce. It would be wise of you to seek legal counsel to see what your options are.

Did sara Evans have an affair?

During a bitter divorce, Sara Evans was accused by her ex husband of having an affair with Kenny Chesney. A spokesperson for Chesney said that the accusations were ridiculous.

Why did duane lee Chapman divorce?

According to what I have read elsewhere his wife was having an affair - she later married the "other" man.

Is it mental cruelty if your spouse accuses you of having an affair but he has no proof and then he files for divorce but has no grounds?

yes that is mental cruelty because he has no reason to file for a divorce with no proof what so ever

Does a man always get custody when there is an affair?

No, a man does not always get custody. If one of the people in a marriage has an affair, it is usually the person not having an affair that gets custody of the child or children.For example, if the husband is having an affair, and the wife wants a divorce, the woman (wife) would get the custody of the child or children, and not the man (husband). This is the same vice versa, too.

What do you do if your soon to be ex wife is having an affair with her divorce lawyer. Is this illegal and can I sue him?

This actually works out in your favor. Provide whatever information you have to YOUR lawyer, and it's possible to use this unprofessional relationship as leverage on your behalf to get what you want out of the divorce. Also, you have to realize that you are dealing with two separate situations. The divorce itself and the affair. If you reside in a State where there is fault involved in divorce, then you have an opportunity to pin adultery on her. If you are in a no-fault divorce, then her affair has no bearing on the divorce itself - which is between you and her only, and not you, her, and her lawyer. Whatever your situation, I wish you the best of luck. Having gone through 2 divorces myself, I know it's not easy.... But, you never know what lies over the next horizon! Good luck.

Is Daniel having an affair with Lina?

yes he is having and affair with here!

Can a 14-year-old child sue his mother and the man who is having an affair with her for psychological damage when the mom is filing for divorce?


Is karan singh Grover getting a divorce?

bcoz he waz having an affair with nichol (JJD) AND Jennifer Winget (his co star in Dmg )

Why did Tom Joyner and his first wife Dora divorce?

They divorced because Dora was having an affair she was sleeping with their neighbors 15year old son.

Can a lawyer be disbarred for having an affair?

Having an affair is not of itself reason for disbarment.

Who is soap actor Mark Pinter having an affair with?

The name of the person that soap actor Mark Pinter had an affair with, has not been made public. His wife Colleen Zenk did however divorce him, citing abandonment and infidelity.

Why did john hagee divorce his first wife?

John Hagee divorced his first wife because he had been unfaithful to her by having an affair with a younger woman.

How do you know if your parents are getting a divorce?

The only way you can know for sure is if they tell you that they are getting a divorce. If they argue and yell at each other every day they may eventually get a divorce, but they might not. Also if one of your parents are having an affair and gets caught a divorce possible but not certain by any means.

How did Ali know that her dad was having an affair?

Ali's father wasn't having an affair. Aria's was. His name was Byron, and he was having an affair with Meredith a woman at his college.

Is having an affair with a boss a bad idea?

having an affair with anyone is a bad idea.