Why do men join special forces?

well first of all for the money, and college scholarship, second they feel like they owe their country and third sometimes theyre just idiots that think theyre invincible


This individual is without a doubt, NOT MILITARY. Servicemen volunteer for many reasons. Money and college are not the reasons. We make the same money as any other soldier and have the same benefits as well (college). Most join to be apart of the team and defend this nation, which we love! It''s a calling to assist and protect the USA and it's citizens. It's a brotherhood like no other.

For me, I love the United States and have enjoyed the freedoms she provides me everyday. My service is to insure it stays that we for my family. We took an oath to defend this Nation against all enemies, and I do so proudly, standing with my brothers in arms! SUA SPONTE!!

SSG. Hernandez

1/75th Rangers