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It is a sign of respect. It's origins are from knights would come across each other during their travels, and they would remove their helmets to show they had no intentions of challenging each other. It is also where the tradition of shaking hands came from, they would extend their right arm to show they were unarmed.

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How do you use the word hat in a sentence?

Example sentence - It is proper manners for the men to take their hats off when they sit at the table for dinner.

Why do people take their hats off during the National Anthem?

because it shows your respect, just like when you take off your hats inside buildings.

Why do men have to take their hats off in a bilding in the old days?

It was custom, then. Men took off their hats in buildings, especially in elevators, and they even actually tipped their hats, or removed them altogether, in the presence of a lady. Note: It is still proper for a man to do so. It is apparently not equired of women. This is likely either derivative of religous practice, or fashion (in case it would mess up their hair).

How do you make a public download?

Take off their hats

Why do men take their hats off inside?

In the middle ages when garbage and waste was thrown out the window the men would walk on the outside of the pathway with very large hats and the hats would catch whatever would be thrown out of the window so it would not land on the lady they were walking with and so when they went inside they would take their hats off and dump everything out. Removing one's hat has been a sign of respect since medieval times. It began by removing the hat in church to show respect for God.

Do Pentecostal men wear hats?

Pentecostal men do wear hats.

Are hats disrespectful?

Hats on , hats off. If you are Jewish, men should be wearing a yarmulke in Synagogue[ or all the time if thy are Orthodox ], if you are Catholic , it's hats off in church for men. Catholic women used to have to wear some sort of headcovering in church, but not any more.I actually had a nun pin a kleenex on my head with a bobby pin one day. Things change . Hats off inside are generally considered courteous. Of course , yarmulkes are always acepptable anywhere for Jewish men.

How many hats did Bartholomew Cubbins take off?


Do you keep fur hat on when in an event or take off?

Men should always take their hats off. Women may keep them on at an event, but it would rather silly, so off it should come. If at church women can leave their fur hat on.

Did men wear hats in the 1920s?

Yes, men wore hats in the 1920s. Hats have been popular for hundreds of years.

What actors and actresses appeared in We Take Off Our Hats - 1930?

The cast of We Take Off Our Hats - 1930 includes: Donald Calthrop as Erb Winifred Hall as Barmaid Frank Stanmore as Alf

Why do men take off their shirts?

Men take off their shirts because they think they have sexy abs, which a lot of them do not!

Is there a proper etiquette for men removing their hats?

Yes. Men should not wear hats indoors. (Except for religious coverings.)

What did hatters do in colonial times?

colonial hatters made hats for men. some of them made hats for women but most were for men.

How do you give hats to other people on roblox?

Easy. All you have to do is press "=" and your hat will fall off. Other ROBLOXians without hats can now take it.

Did men always wear hats in the 1940s?

Many men did, but obviously not all men did. It was a very popular thing to wear hats during this time period.

Why do the men take off their hats and the women act respectfully when Jem and Scout walk into the black church with Calpurnia?

Because Atticus had a high status in the community and was working on the tom Robinson case

Do Amish men have to wear hats?

No. If there is a good reason to take one's hat off, it's no big deal, but you wouldn't work in the fields or barns, or work construction jobs with a naked head.

When was Hats Off to the Bull created?

Hats Off to the Bull was created on 2011-12-06.

When was Sideways - Men Without Hats album - created?

Sideways - Men Without Hats album - was created in 1991.

When was Collection - Men Without Hats album - created?

Collection - Men Without Hats album - was created in 1996.

Is it acceptable for men to wear hats indoors?

* Socially no; the man should take his hat off when entering into a social area such as someone's home; church; etc. At work some men who have labor related jobs can wear a hat or hard hat.

How can you become the girl that you once were?

If you are a man the hat should come off when at an event. If you are a woman and it's a small hat then it can be kept on, BUT if it goes with your coat then take the hat off. In some religions hats for both men and women should be left on.

Why do men take their hats off?

Usually during prayer or when someone dies and attends a funeral. Removing your hat, or baring your head was a sign of respect in many cultures. The removal of a hat in the presence of ladies, dignitaries, and in some cases God (in church) has been common practice for centuries. In Emily Post's book of etiquette, there was once a reference to men taking there hats off in elevators, that stated, the custom could be foregone (not followed) if the elevator was crowded and the removal of the hats would make the situation uncomfortable.

Why don't the RCMP take off their hats during the national anthem?

because they are not cool enough

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