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Because they are comfortable, soft & stylish. Also make you feel sexy... this does not make him gay though.

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Is it normal for men to wear panties?

Society does not find it normal for men to wear panties. Panties are worn by women and men wear briefs or boxers.

Do men wear Hanes Perfect Panties?

Traditionally, panties are generally only worn by women. However, if men choose to wear panties, that is a private decision on their part.

Is it good to wear panties by men?

yes as long as they don't mind you wearing panties while you're by them.

Is it ok for men to wear short skirts but no panties?


Why do women feel men should not wear nylon panties?

Because real men don't wear women's clothes (JMO)

How many men wear feminine lingerie bras panties slips?


Can men wear plain cotton panties?

Yes, and they are more comfortable than mens

How common is it for men to wear nylon panties?

I prefer wearing nylon panties then cotton or silk. Lots of guys wear panties, there has always been guys who have enjoyed wearing panties whether it be bikini, thong or g string. More guys are comfortable now a days expressing that they enjoy wearing panties and it's helping those of us who wear panties to be able to not have to hide it. Fact is that most guys who do wear panties are straight and they wear for the comfort and yes the excitement also. Wearing panties does not make you gay or bisexual. Its just clothing. When you get down to it, it is all the same. Just a piece of cloth sewen together. Here in Brazil, mens underwear is similar to panties for years, european style. No bunching up. It is very common for men to wear panties. Maybe not the pink with ruffles but solid colors without ribbons, common.

Do boys wear panties?

no boys do not wear panties. panties has a shallower croch than with underwearor boxer. which is what boys a supposed to wear. It depends. It depends. Rubbish!! lots of males wear panties, in fact a website did a survey and 75% of males said they do wear or have worn panties, i wear them all the time they are so comfortable

Is it normal for your husband to wear panties?

no,loads of men were underpants(panties).they might think there comfortable or something like that Yes it is normal. Who cares what a person wears.

Are Boys wearing panties gay?

noNO NO NO !! Do you know that according to a poll done on the net that 75% of males admit they wear or have worn pantiesdifferent answer: No, that is NOT true a lot more straight men actually wear panties rather then homosexual ones, many men like the feel of it and it's texture and a lot have pantie fetishes like me.

Does gretchen Wilson wear thong panties?

does gretchen Wilson wear thong panties

Do you wear your girlfriends panties?

Me personally? No. Do you mean that you like to wear your girlfriend's panties and you are wondering if this is normal? Lots of boys and men like to wear girl's panties but you should take into consideration that it is not always a good idea to wear somebody elses clothing simply as a matter of hygiene. It might be a better idea to get some new panties just for yourself. You could always ask your girlfriend to help you choose some.

Can guys wear panties and be straight?

Not necessary some men choose to wear panties if boxers or briefs are uncomfortable also some dude may have signs of fruity and sometimes bi but just make sure straight don't wear them that much

You like the wear panties?

No, because if I did I would be here discussing panties under the name pantyslave4ever or something. No, I don't like wearing panties, but I do love wearing panties.No actually I don't but if you do you are not alone as lots of men and boys like to wear girl's panties. You should take into consideration though that it is not always a good idea to wear somebody elses clothing simply as a matter of hygiene (there is a risk of catching STDs). It might be a better idea to get some new panties just for yourself.

Do women like men to wear panties?

some do and some dont..... just ask the on you have in mind to find out

Do you wear panties with spankys?

well you gotta pick one do you want to wear panties or spankies.

Do the Muslims women wear panties?

Yes. Most Muslim women wear panties. Like Westerner Women, most Muslim women wear their panties beneath their clothes.

Why do grils wear panties?

there are many reasons... some girls wear panties to feel sexy. sometimes they wear panties if they wear skimpy outfits because some panties are similar to short shorts. Also if your planning on having sex you should wear panties because your man will find it sexy. also some girls wear panties because they like how they fit and feel. and some wear panties to feel younger. they think if they dress sexy they will suddenly become sexy to everyone, when in reality your still a cougar. some wear panties when they wear short dresses/skirts so when they bend over you see there new panties. and if you wear cute panties when your drunk and throw up on your clothes you can just take them off and still be covered up. and the list goes on.

Men who wear panties?

i wear panties because i find them a better fit (like anything else you have to get the right size & style for you) more comfortable, wider choice of styles, fabrics, colours etc i have about 350 pairs

Why Girls who wear no panties?

Well they should be wearing panties

Is it okay for a 13 year old boy to wear panties?

It is ok if boys wear pantie but wear pink thongs they are the best

What color panties to wear under white clothing?

this is way 2 easy. wear white panties

Do shemales wear regular girl panties?

Shemales can wear thongs that's what i wear but my dick hangs out. some shemales will wear panties if they want

What are more popular Nylon or cotton panties?

Cotton panties for women...nylon panties for men.