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ummmmm I'll take a stab at this one because they're men? It's human nature..We all like attention from the opposite sex..We like the flattery.

It makes us feel gorgeous.It gives us an ego boost.

It's usually innocent.

Plus, when you see someone attractive, it's hard not to look.We all like anything beautiful..Now don't we?This is coming from a female..:)) Flirting is like shopping. If you're single, you might actually be 'on the market' and will follow-though with a date or something if she's interested. Being married doesn't change your biological attractions, it just changes how you act on them. Where you draw the line and choose to stop is up to you and your spouse. If (s)he is comfortable with your relationship, you can probably flirt a little, it's like window-shopping when you're really not going to buy anything.

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Q: Why do men who seem to be in a happy marriage flirt or are attracted to other women?
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If a husband and wife work in the same company and seem so happy in their marriage why does he seem to be attracted to other women and flirt with them?

just because he flirts does not necessarily mean he is intending or even thinking about doing anything,it is just natural to be attracted to the opposite sex. I'm sure you are attracted to a particularily hot man every so often? I mean if you saw a nice toned fireman - wouldn't you be a little attracted? But yes, it does tend to annoy when men flirt in front of you, but unless there is any other evidence of infidelity I would either leave it be, or ask him nicely to just not flirt too often - in my experience men often don't even realise they are flirting.

What is the difference between a shameless flirt and a girl who really is attracted to you?

A shameless flirt will often flirt to the same degree with other guys. Girls who are really attracted to you can be a little more shy/nervous around you and will tend to be more outgoing when a conversation begins. There are many cases which will be exceptions to the above. Source: Personal experience.

What does it mean when your wife likes to flirt?

It means that your wife likes to put herself out there for other males. She is behaving as if she is attracted to them and wants attention from other males.

What exactly is flirt fighting?

Flirt fighting can be verbal or physical. Verbally two people that are attracted to each other could call each other cute names or possibly worse names (depending on the individuals.) They are like two peacocks spreading those nice colored plumes. It doesn't really make sense to many, but it happens. Physical flirt fighting is when the female or male will tickle, grab, sit on the person pinning them down or rolling around play fighting. Both are part of the ritual of physical contact with someone you are physically attracted too and, its a form of foreplay. To put it simply, when two find each other physically attracted "touch" is the most sensual feeling of all.

Was George Bernard Shaw gay?

Yes, he wasn't No one is really sure. it was suspected that he was a repressed homosexual. he would openly flirt with women prior to his marriage, but, then after marriage never consummated his marriage. On the other hand, he had affairs with married women. The wike page sez.

If he's not gay why don't he touch you?

He might not be attracted to you sexually. Straight men are not attracted to every woman, only to those that 'turn them on'. He might have religious or other reasons for not touching you. He may be saving himself for marriage.

Why are cats attracted to each other?

Cats are attracted to each other in the same way that humans are attracted to humans, birds are attracted to birds and fish are attracted to fish.

How do lesbians flirt?

They flirt by the way any other couple does, by talking to each other then eventually making it to that point.

How do you get a girl to flirt with you?

I think that you should flirt with her to let her know you want to be flirted with. Also try and flirt with other girls so she knows your a flirt she will feel comfortable.

How do people decide whom they want to marry?

When you are in a stable relationship and happy, then you can decide to move to the other stage, which is marriage.

What does a man mean if he says he and a female friend used to shamelessly flirt with one another when they worked together?

Men and women often flirt in the office, either to pass time or they like each other, but some are shameless and can be embarassing as they are doing it in the open. Answer It sounds like they really liked each a lot and were very much attracted to each other.

Is it ok for a married man to flirt even if he says he wont take it any farther than flirting and all married men still flirt?

I don't want to sound harsh, but no, it is not. Even though flirting may seem harmless, it can lead to affairs and lust. If a man really loves his wife and wants to preserve his marriage, then he won't flirt with other women. And even if all other married men flirt, why does he have to follow their bad example? If they go and jump off a cliff, is he going to jump off, too?

How do you get over a boy that you've dated for 1 year?

You could start by getting rid of everything that reminds you of him. Start talking with other boys, flirt even. Date other boys. You'll find one your attracted too sooner or later.

How can you tell if your wife is attracted to other men?

All women are attracted to other men, just as all men are attracted to other women. People don't stop being attracted to other people just because they're in love with someone.

How to tell if someone is secretly attracted to me?

You can't 'tell'. If you're wondering if a certain person is attracted to you, you could try 'suggestive' behaviour to a degree, and if they respond in a positive way, they could well be. Although this really isn't an accurate way. I myself flirt with many other guys, yet not one of them is who I like.

How do you flirt in long distance relationship?

First, just as it is important to be physically attracted to a person in a close distance relationship, it is important, also, to be physically attracted to a person in a long distance relationship. If you both have webcams it will be easier to flirt (as it is the closest thing to a close distance relationship). If a webcam is not an option, share photos with each other and compliment each other. This should lead to talks of more mature content. Statements such as, "I can't wait to see you so I can do ________ with you" can help jog the fantasy aspect of the relationship.

How do you get your friend who you like to like you back?

flirt with him/her make him/her feel special then that lets him/her feel great to be around you listen to their problems talk about yours make the other person happy and be there for them

Why women flirt?

because they want some other guys to love them and flirt with them... they are enjoying with it.. specailly in sex...

Do boys like girls who flirt with other guys more than they flirt with them?

No, no one likes to be ignored.

When miroku and sango got married did mirkou still flirt with other women?

ofcourse he does, he will always flirt!

How do Scorpios flirt?

like other humans

When do you know it should be over?

wen the guy starts to flirt wid other girls wen the guy starts to flirt wid other girls

Is matter attracted or repulsed by other matter?

It is attracted by the force of gravity.

What is it called when a water molecule is attracted to a substance?

When water is attracted to other water molecules it is called cohesion. When water is attracted to other substances it is called adhesion.

How do gay guys flirt?

They flirt like regular guys but they say stuff about the other guys body and his features