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Why do monarch butterflies gather in specific places to migrate?

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Male butterflies of different species will sometimes feed in mud or dung as a way to gather minerals.

A kaleidoscope of butterflies.A group of butterflies is called a swarm, rabble, or kaleidoscope.A group of butterflies is called a flutter. Bees swarm, and a rabble is much too boisterous for butterflies. Butterflies are delicate creatures who gather to communicate socially only by the movement of their wings. This is called a flutter.

No, butterflies land on flowers and suck in nectur using their feet. That is one of the most interesting things about butterflies: the fact that they eat using their feet rather than their mouth.

They probably gather powerful magic and use it to gather things like flower petals, butterflies, or even moonbeams. Pretty soon, they are lifted into the air.

Beavers do not migrate. They become less active in winter. They feed off of food stored in their house. If the weather warms up enough they will venture out to gather food.

By landing on the flower to gather nectar the pollen grains stick to the hairs on the butterflies abdomen and are carried to another flower where the detach and stick to the stigma and are translocated to the ovary where seed is set.

Seven feet wide from wing to wing stingrays gather off the coast of Mexico for their yearly migration.

Yes, they usually gather in big bunches and find shelter where they all get together to share warmth, some even migrate to warmer climates.

To gather I gather You gather he gathers we gather you (pl) gather they gather I am gathering You are gathering he is gathering we are gathering you (pl) are gathering they are gathering

A rally is a group of people who share the same belief. These people will typically gather for a specific purpose or cause.

To "crawl" through the net with a tool like the Web crawler in order to gather specific information.

Many kinds of ants gather leaves and grasses, for food. Other kinds of plant eating insects consist of: Beetles Butterflies Moths And much more...

Squirrels disappear from habitat so they can migrate or sometimes they gather a bunch of nuts and they store the nuts in a hole and in the winter they stay in a tree and when they get hungry they get some of their nuts.

You do an experiment to gather this evidence and then develop a hypothesis to explain what you observe.

Atsumaru is 'to gather' in the crowd sense; (To gather around someone) Atsumeru is 'to gather' as in to collect.

Gather is a generic term, while Collect is a specific term. We 'gather' from a whole lot of something haphazardly without being concerned about the quality of what we are having. Collect, on the other hand, is the gathering carefully.

Small animals that hibernate are usually coming out of their burrows in April. The birds fly back northward or they settle down to have their families. The bees and butterflies begin to gather nectar from the first flowers of the season

Well in Japan school starts when the fish of the Teshio river gather into a specific area. In Japanese culture they believe that fish can tell good from bad. When the fish gather in this area, it means that there will be no harm to the children in school.

The Room Where reporters Gather??The Room Where reporters Gather??

a place to gather to gather

No, they gather in Pods.

The benefit of gathering background information on a specific research topic will help one learn something new or gather evidence to prove a theory or idea.

No Finches will gather with other birds at feeders and the feeder can be placed with other species specific feeders.

Bees gather nectar from flowers. They also gather pollen from flowers and resin from trees.

Scientists can use spectroscopes to gather information because the light from the stars that passes through has a certain color. Each element on the periodic table has a specific color. This way, scientist can figure out of which gases the star consists of.