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cause some countries people make there own businessesthat is for market, and also being run by the governmentthat is command.

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Why do most economies in the world today operate somewhere between a market economy and a command economy?

Most economies in the world today operate between a market economy and a command economy because,clinging to command economy in the present world economic scenario will make you live like a frog in the well. The inherent benefits of a market economy are you allow the domestic industries to stand on their own foot, licence raj is abolished. The benefits of price reduction as per world market rates can be offered for the welfare of the country men. Those who are not willing to totally switch over to market economy, operate somewhere between the two.

What are some disadvantages of centrally planned economies?

disadvantages of command economy,Command economy,Command economy disadvantages

What are the four types of economies?

The four types of economies traditional economy, market economy, command economy, and a mixed economy.

Communist countries have a command economy?

North Korea, Cuba and China are communist countries with command economies, as opposed to market economies or mixed economies. The former Soviet Union also had a command economy.

What motivates the command economy?

Command economies are motivated by the government, which institutes how the economy will work.

What Caribbean country has a command economy?

Cuba is one of the command economies in the Caribbean.

What two economies are widespread in the Middle East?

Free-economy and command-economy.

What 2 economies make up a mixed economy?

command and market economy

How are market economies similar to command economies?

The similarities between command economy and market economy include the following: both have - producers, consumers, retailers, goods, services, prices, incomes, distribution, money, labor, capital, technology,

Is a mixed economy the same as a market economy?

No. When we say "market economy," we likely mean to say a free market economy-an economy unfettered with government policy interventions. This is usually stated in opposition to a planned command economy-planned by government personnel. Neither of these extremes exist in the real world. World economies are mixed economies. The difference between countries is the degree to which they are mixed. Economies such as Cuba and the former Soviet Union tend toward the command economy whilst economies such as Hong Kong and Singapore are cited as the freest market economies.

Which countries have predominantly command economies?

North Korea and Cuba have command economies. Recently, China has implemented free market reforms into its economy, so it could be classified as a mixed command economy. Before its collapse in 1991, the USSR could also be considered a command economy.

Does the US have a command economy?

No, the US has a market economy a result of its capitalist policies, command economies can be found in communist countries.

What does it mean to have a mixed economy?

you have a combination of command and market economies

What combines elements of the command and market economies?

mixed economy

Why are some nations moving away from a command economy and toward a market economy?

Because command economies are doomed to fail eventually.

What are some examples of command economy?

North Korea and Cuba are good examples of command economies.

How did the Soviet economy contribute to the end of the Cold War in the late 20th century?

The Soviet command economy could not keep up with the productivity of capitalist economies.

What is the quality of life in a command economy?

The quality of life in a command economy is usually very low. This is because most of the command economies usually secure away the investors.

What countries are under command economies?

China, South Korea, Cuba, and Russia are countries that are under command economies. This type of economy is common in a communistic country.

Does Canada have a command economy?

Canada has a mixed economy. A mixed economy is that where the production is determined by supply and demand. In command economies, the government decides what everybody produces and sells.

What countries have a command market economy?

Some countries that have a command market economy include China, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. Venezuela and Laos also have command market economies.

An economy in which the central government makes all the decisions about a country's economic policies?

This is a form of planned economy which is called a command economy. Command economies are central to the ideology of socialism.

What Is The Good Thing About Command Economy?

One good thing about command economies is that they have good qualities. A few bad things about command economies is that they are not efficient and there is no incentive. If you were also wondering what a command economy even IS, then it is an economy where the government is in charge of what they make and how much they sell it for. The way I remember it is by saying that the government is saying, "I COMMAND you to make me this!" teehee. sorry if that was too much info...

What country is a command economy?

The command economy is a key feature of any communist society. China, Cuba, North Korea and the former Soviet Union are examples of countries that have command economies.

Which of the following countries economies has the fewest elements of command economy and the most elements of market economy?

the United States