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Because Apple usually has the license for the show or movie in question.

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Why do ipads have siri and laptops have Cortana?

iPads are Apple and laptops are windows.

Are apple laptops compatible with windows DOWNLOAD?


Are Apple laptops better than Windows laptops?

Most people would say that it depends whether you like working with an Apple or a PC. People have their preferences for both sides. Technically speaking, Apple laptops are known for their funtionality, design, and useability.

What does apple TV do?

Apple TV is a small to medium box (that is white or black) which is connected to your TV. If you can't find any CD's that don't show what you want to see, a series that you see in order and on some movies the you watch on YouTube is blurry then you can watch it Apple TV. Apple TV is where the people show movies. Before you purchase the movie , you can see movies.

How many types of Computers or Laptops are there?

3. Windows, Apple, and another one that I can't remember.

Can you play IPOD touch movies on TV?

Yes! With apple TV

Are apple laptops really worth the price that you are paying for it?

To be honest, yes. Windows 7 is so much worse. With Microsoft Laptops your paying for the OS and that's about it.

Which laptop apple or a window?

It depends on the requirements.Apples and windows both of the laptops are good.Keep the following points in Mind:Windows is kind of universal and have the biggest market.Apples are things of style.Windows laptops are also stylish and work great.You need to buy many things in apple which are free in windows.If you need to work on PC then the standard would be a windows one.WORKING OF BOTH IS SAME

Do apples still run windows software?

Yes, you can still run windows software products on the Apple computers and laptops. Whether or not you would want to do that would be up to you as Apple has their own software as well.

What generation are apple laptops on now?

apple laptops- do you mean apple macs but any way they are in the generation which were we are born so if

Are there any apple laptops other than mac?

I believe the only laptops Apple has are Macs.

When did Apple start selling iBook laptops?

Apple started selling iBook laptops in 1999. The iBook laptops were sold from 1999 to 2006. This means that Apple started selling iBook laptops 14 years ago.

Do slim Apple Nano iPods download movies and tv shows?


How much does the Apple TV cost?

The Apple TV is a device that streams movies and videos from online through the internet. As of now, the device is listed as on sale for about $99 on the Apple website.

Who created apple laptops?

The Apple laptops have been created by teams of designers and engineers at Apple since the first PowerBook appeared in 1991.

Where can you buy apple laptops?

In the Apple store, or

Which brand has the lighter laptops Dell or Apple?

defintly apple because they have light laptops like the macbook air

What brands of laptops are carried at Best Buy?

Best buy carries laptops from HP, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung and and Dell for those who use Windows. They also carry the Macbook for those who are Fans of apple.

Is a laptop and a Mac the same thing?

No. A laptop is any computer that is portable, and can run on battery power, and small enough to fit on your lap. A Mac refers to any computer manufactured by Apple Inc. that runs the Mac OS X Software, as opposed to Windows. Desktops (Regular Computers) can be both Mac or Windows. Laptops can also be both Mac and Windows. Apple Inc. sells both Laptops and Desktops, as do comapanies that make Windows PCs

Who makes apple laptops?

Apple contracts with different Chinese companies to make their laptops, such as ASUS and Quanta. Of note, these are some of the same companies that make everyones laptops.

Where make the apple laptop?

the apple laptops are made in samanabad

Best brand of laptops?

Apple Laptops of course!Well that's my opinon.

Does Apple TV support AVI?

Though Apple TV can stream your video files from computers, it has video format limitation. It only support H.264 or MPEG-4 video format. If you attempt to sync unsupported video format like AVI to Apple TV, it will draw an error message from iTunes. In order to stream AVI video files to Apple TV successfully, we need to convert these AVI movies to a format compatible with iTunes and Apple TV The following will introduce a step by step guide on how to convert AVI to Apple TV supported format on Mac or Windows at

Where can one purchase Mac laptops?

Mac laptops are available for purchase from Apple. Apple has a wide variety of Mac laptops with various features. All of these options can be found in-store or online.

Do apple apps work on apple laptops?

It depends on how it is put on the laptop