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muscles shake as they get tired,or are needing fluids etc the shaking is natures way of telling you to back off thats not entirely true. muscles can shake from the second you start an exercise. it's actually just your body telling you that they're not used to this movement. if you continue training those muscles over time the shaking will stop. expect to be sore the next day though :)

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Q: Why do muscles shake during a strenous exercise?
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What is the role of protein shakes for the production of muscle?

The role of a protein shake in exercise is simple - when you rip your muscles during exercise, they need a supplement of protein to grow back to its original, or even larger state, for some a turkey sandwich is sufficient, but for others a protein shake is quicker and more efficient...

Why do weak muscles shake?

There are quite a few reasons why weak muscles might shake. These muscles could just be spending the last of their energy.

Why do lips shake when tired?

The lips may shake when they are tired because the facial muscles may be tense. Tense or tired muscles may shake or tremor.

Does the shake weight for men work?

No. The shake weight is a physical activity and not exercise.

How many muscles does it take to shake hands?


When should you take your protein shake?

Straight after exercise

Is the Harlem shake a type of exercise?

Well yeah, as it's dancing (I think...) which is good exercise.

Why do dogs shake when they wake up?

they are loosening up their muscles

Why do your legs shake after exercise?

You have depleted the energy reserves of your muscles, but that's a good thing, since it trains the muscles to be more efficient, forces your body to build muscle tissue and helps your cardio system become more healthy. Keep it up, it's good for you.

Why do your legs shake when you fly in cheerleading?

When you squeeze your muscles really hard (like in a stunt) your muscles may shake because they're working so hard. It's totally normal, it happens to everyone.

What are muscle quivers?

Your muscles quiver (shake) when they are cold. Shaking increases their temperature.

What muscles are used to shake your head?

sternocleidomastoid, splenius capitis, semispinalis capitis

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