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Why do my headlights go off and on while I am driving?


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Some cars have lights that turn on lights automatically due to outside brightness

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you may have the "sentinel" on which is where lights automatically come on at night, if they go off under lighted areas that would be why

I had a problem with my headlights going off, not the high beams. Replaced the rectangular silver can thingy at the fuse panel under the dash on the drivers side. I put a higher rated one in, which is a no no, but it solved the problem of the headlights going out.

If your headlights go out while you are driving, you can try switching to your high beams. When you get home, you can replace the bulbs.

I would check for any loose connections/obvious things. otherwise replace the headlight switch.

while driving they serve to add visibility. If they stay on after you shut off the vehicle it is so you can make it to the house and find your key to get in when its dark, they should go out in a few minutes. You can probably avoid this by shutting them off before turning off the engine

The Kia Sorrento instrument panel lights go on and off with the headlights. The headlights go on with an automatic daylight sensor.

Lighting module under dash. It's the brain that controls headlight on/off/automatic. Circuits get weak and go haywire. Silver rectangular with a sticker on it that says lighting module

Had the same problem with my Grand Prix, ended up that the ignition switch had to be replaced. Hope this helps.

Sounds like a short circuit or overload in system Circuit breaker may be tripping and resetting

The alarm may go off while driving your Kia due to an electrical shortage. This may also be due to a blown fuse.

This isn't a complete question but what I think you're asking is what happens if you cut off people while you drive. The answer to that is you might get reported to law enforcement, and go to jail for driving negligently.

people driving who rush to cut you off while driving only to go extremely slow

The lights will automatically turn off in the day time. Automatically turn on at night. they are controlled by a light sensor, it determines if you need the lights or not. If the lights go on and off randomly not matter what the light conditions are, you may need to have a mechanic check out your light sensor.

You have to go to the dealer and ask them to turn them off, otherwise they leave them on as running headlights. They will do this for free.

go to halfords and get ripped off

the headlight control module is going bad, it is located under the dash up where the right knee is, it is a box avout 6 inches long and 4 inches wide.

Check for spark & fuel when it's dead and go from there.

the 4way mutil.switch. Headlights. turn sig. wiper washer. I was not the lcm.

i would assume you need to turn your headlights off as they are the most common reason for the beeping after you turn off the car. My headlights are off and the car is still beeping

it was a recall on those models go to your Lincoln dealer and have the headlight switch replaced

Had the same problem. Exchange the LCM (Lighting Control Module), which is located under the steering column, togehter with the Mulitifunction Switch (turning lights, wiper control lever). This will stop the headlight problem, but I have some other difficulties with my lights - have a look at:,-headlights-shut-off-while-in-opera-vt90501.html

You can with some vehicles. Consult the drivers manual.

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