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It depends on which paint gun if it is a paint ball you have the wrong paint or you do not have enough pressurized air. If you have a spray paint gun that means that there not enough pressurized air.

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Q: Why do my your spray gun drip out the tip when I release the trigger when you are spraying with a paint gun?
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How much paint to spray paint 1000 square feet?

Too many variables. -Depends on surface you are spraying onto, type of spray equipment you are using, what paint you use to spray, how much you thin it to spray, etc, etc

Do you need to put paint thinner in spray paint?

"Spray paint" comes in a can so you cannot add anything to it. If you are referring to spraying lacquer through a paint gun then yes, but you can only use lacquer thinner. If you're talking about spraying water base paint with an airless paint sprayer then only water can be used to thin it. For anything else you can use paint thinner or mineral spirits.

What are the dangers of fabric spray paint?

There are a few dangers of fabric spray paint. These dangers include: getting the spray in your eyes, nose and mouth, using the product in an area that's not well ventilated and spraying it by mistake on something other than the fabric.

Can you spray enamel paint over the top of a acrylic base on wood?

Try spraying after sanding the wood object first.

Can you paint drywall with spray paint?

When applying paint to drywall, you can use a brush, roller, or paint sprayer. Spraying paint is the quickest method, provides the best coverage, and makes your paint go the furthest. You are not limited in any way in your paint choice when using a sprayer.

How long does it take to get a spray tan?

How fast can you or the person spraying spray?

What is spraying agent?

its a agent that spray peole

Is spray paint harmful?

Spray paint is not harmful to the object you are painting however it is toxic is you drink it or spray it up your nassale passages, but if your apply it to the object you're painting and you get a quick wiff of it you will be fine as long as you do not repeatidly smell it, if you plan on spraying your cat there are the same result as humans, dizzyness, headache.

Does spraying a car make you vomit?

That depends on what you spray it with, and how much of the spray you ingest.

Can you spray paint Nerf guns?

yes you can. Hand paint or spray paint.

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I think the turning point is when Paul finds out that his brother Erik blinded him by spraying white spray paint in his eyes

How do you kill invisible zombies?

carry spray paint at all times, constantly spraying around your self, then, once visible shoot to kill. Bazinga!

Which brand of spray paint is best to use when spraying a stencil on a t-shirt?

There are special types of spray paint which were made for use on fabrics. You can find these specialty paints at craft supply stores. One popular brand for this type of project is made by Tulip.

How do you put spray paint in your hair?

Get the can of spray paint and point it towards your hair then spray. You don't put spray paint in your hair!!! The poisons can kill you!!!

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You can paint your car blinkers with spray paint. You can use any type of Marine spray paint. The spray paint should be water resistant.

What type of Krylon paint do you buy for Spray Paint art?

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How do you Spray paint good?

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How do you blend spray paint not car spray paint grafitti?

Uhm. You spray the colors you want to mix...

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i think they just get spray paint and spray it on the grass...hehe.....

Can you just paint your Nerf gun with spray paint and with out disasembling it?

Yes, you can. But, I would suggest buying a plastic-safe spray paint. I would recommend Krylon Fusion or Rustoleum paint. You can find these at your local hardware store, Michael's, or Home Depot. But, before you paint them, make sure to cover the trigger, and other parts so they won't get paint on them(the trigger could get stuck). Also, cover up the orange nozzle because that's how the police know it's a fake/nerf gun.

What consumes more paint spraying or brushing?

brushing does because it goes on in gobs. with a spray painter you can control the amount of paint that goes through the sprayer and actually use an amount considerably less than with brushing

How frequently can skunks spray?

They can spray at any time. Their spraying abilities are endless, unless they are descented.

What is the lowest temperature to spray paint?

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What is spray paint?

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