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Nails are made of steel, and contain iron. Rust is the oxidation, or corrosion, which forms on iron when in contact with the oxygen in the air. The rate of corrosion is increased by moisture, salt, acids, or other chemicals. To prevent rusting, nails are sometimes coated with zinc, and these dull, grayish nails are referred to as "galvanized". Most rust consists of Iron (III) oxide (Fe2O3) and iron oxide-hydroxide. Similar oxidation forms the tarnish on silver and the green patina on copper and bronze.

It's because of a chemical process called oxidation. That is where oxygen combines with the iron, and the iron loses electrons.

Iron oxide has a lower free energy than do iron and oxygen. Just as a ball will roll downhill because it has a lower free energy at the bottom of the hill than at the top, iron will combine with oxygen - essentially 'rolling down a chemical reaction hill'. The reason things like water, salt, acids and other chemicals cause iron to rust faster, is that these substances act as catalysts to the oxidation reaction.

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Q: Why do nails rust?
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Facts about nails that rust?

nails rust because...................

Do nails rust in air?

That depends on what the nails are made of. The nails on you fingers will not rust in air Copper nails or brass nails will not rust in air. However Iron nails will eventually rust in the air.

Do nails rust in water?

Yes, nails do rust in water

Why does water rust nails?


What type of nails rust?

metal nails rust ANSWER: Iron nails do.

Do nails rust in the cold?

I dont think nails rust in the cold but if and type of precipitation gets to it then yes it will rust.

Do they make rust resistant nails?

Yes there are some rust resistant nails but no metal can ever be rust proof.

What makes nails rust faster?

Nails rust faster in the presence of moisture and air.

Why would nails rust in alkaline?

Nails would rust in Alkaline because Alkaline has a strong Acid which rusts nails.

Does citric acid rust nails?

Citric acid does rust nails because it dissolves it from steel.

Will nails rust in water?

Nails do not rust in water. Nails only rust in water if oxygen is present. This is because the iron in nails react with oxygen and water to form a compound called hydrated iron(III) oxide.

What nails don't rust?

Nails from iron are rusted.

Are iron nails bio degradable or not?

No. They rust.

Do nails rust?

Some do :)

Does sprite rust nails?

Sprite wil rust nails. Almost all are fastacting.The reson it rust is the carbonation.Witch will slowley brake down nails.My chiled did a project she discovered that sprite will rust fastes.

Why nails do not rust in Kerosene?

no oxygen

What types of nails will rust?


Does water rust nails fastest?


Does mouthwash rust nails?


Does rust change weight of nails?

Yes, nails are Iron while rust is Iron oxide so when oxygen added the mass becomes increased.

How does iron rust and which types of nails rust faster in oxygen?

a nail that is made from steel

Does water take rust off nails?

No. Water is actually a major cause of rust.

What would happen when iron nails are kept in hot water?

rust, lots of rust.

Why do slates fall from a roof?

the nails rust.

Do nails rust in vinegar?

Yes, and fast.